Blackfeet Indian Reservation (Montana)

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United States Gotoarrow.png American Indians Gotoarrow.png Montana Gotoarrow.png Indians of Montana Gotoarrow.png Blackfeet Indian Reservation (Montana)

The Blackfeet Indian Reservation is located in northwestern Montana, on the Canadian border, just east of Glacier National Park and west of Cut Bank, Montana.

Established -- 17 October 1855 (by Treaty), modified by later treaties, executive ordersm and agreements. [1]
Agency (BIA) -- Blackfeet Agency located at Browning.
Principal tribes -- Blackfeet (Siksika), Blood (Kainah), Piegan
Population --


The Blackfeet Indian Reservation was established by Treaty of Oct. 17, 1855 and modified by unratified treaties of July 18, 1866, and July 13 and 15 and Sept. 1, 1868 and by Executive orders, July 5, 1873, and Aug. 19,1874. It was further modified by an act of Apr. 15, 1874 and by Executive orders, Apr.13, 1875, and .July 13, 1850; an agreement made Feb. 11, 1887, approved by Congress, May 1, 1888; an agreement made Sept. 26, 1895, approved by act of June 10, 1896; and an act of Feb. 27.1906, confirming grant of 356.11 acres, and 120 acres of unsurveyed land.

In 1908, it consisted of 959,644 Acres.



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