Begravda i Sverige

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Cemeteries in Sweden
Begravda i Sverige

This CD contains the records for over 5.36 million individuals buried in Sweden and some of the records include maps of the cemeteries. Churchyard administrations were invited to contribute their information and over 2300 cemeteries across Sweden (about 70%) complied. Even though not complete still the information is very good for those in the database.

The database may give information about the following and can be searched by any of these fields or any combination of fields. 

  • Person number/birth date 
  • First/last name
  • Place or address at death
  • Occupation/title
  • Death and/or burial date
  • Cemetery
  • Cemetery location

This CD is available only in Swedish but by knowing a few terms it can be easily searched.

Terms in the Heading

Begravningsort  -  Place of burial
Begravningsplats  -  Place of burial
Döds-begravningsdatum  -   Death/burial date
Dödsort/adress  -  Place of death/address at time of death
Efternamn  -  Surname
Födelsedatum  -  Date of birth (Format: YYYYMMDD)
Förnamn - First name, given name
Församling  -  Parish, congregation
Kommun  -  City, Municipality
Län  -  County Yrke/Titel  -   Occupation

Other terms

Karta  -   Map
Rensa  -  Clear
Samma Grav  -  Same grave (as the selected person)
Skriv ut  -  Print
Ställ in  -  Printer settings
Sök  -  Search


This CD-Rom may be purchased from Ancestors Swedish online store at and may be available for purchase at other Swedish genealogy stores.

This CD-Rom may be available at local Swedish-American research centers in various states. Check with them for availability.

This CD-Rom is available at the Family History Library but not at the Family History Centers. It is CD Rom no. 6026 in the FamilySearch Catalog.

Additional Help

For additional help using “Begravda i Sverige” please refer to the article written by Kjell S. Andersson at