Barnstable, Barnstable County, Massachusetts Genealogy

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United States > Massachustts > Barnstable County > Barnstable

Town Hall

Quick Facts

Establishment and former town name(s)

Historical data relating to counties, cities, and towns in Massachusetts (Boston, Massachusetts: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1997), [FHL book 974.4 H2h 1997].

5 March 1638: Mentioned in a list of those "allowed to exercise men in Armes",... "ffor Barnestable... Mr. Thom Dimmack..."

11 April 1989: Town charter adopted which established city form of government.

Archiac name: Chequocket, Chuckomug, Coa or Cotuit, Cokachoise, Cotachesett, Cummaquid, Kokachoise, Mattakeeset, Mistic, Moskeehtucketqut, Peymechit, Santuite, Satuite, Sepoese, Sepuit, Sipnesset, Skonkonet, Skunkamug, Tamahappaseeacon, Washkotussoo, Wequaquet, Yanno's Land.

Section/Villages within the town: Centerville, Cotuit, Craigville, Cummaquid, Grand Island, Hyannis, Hyannis Port, Marston's Mills, Newtown (extinct), Osterville, Oyster Harbors, Pondsville (extinct), Sandy Neck, Santuit, South Hyannis (extinct), West Barnstable, West Hyannisport, Wianno.

Wikipedia: Barnstable, Massachusetts

Boundary Changes

17 June 1641: Bounds between Barnstable and Yarmouth established.

2 March 1652 : Bounds between Barnstable and Sandwich to be established.

11 March 1658: Barnstable and Yarmouth agreed upon bounds.

3 June 1662: Additional lands granted to Barnstable.

10 June 1662: Bounds between Barnstable and Sandwich to be established.

29 October 1672: Bounds between Barnstable and Sandwich established.

22 January 1795: Bounds between Barnstable and the district of Mashpee established.

28 March 1894: Bounds between Barnstable and Mashpee established.

24 April 1916: Bounds between Barnstable and Mashpee established and part of Sandwich annexed.

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