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*[[Barbados Archives and Libraries|Archives and Libraries]]
*[[Barbados Biography|Biography]]
*[[Barbados Cemeteries|Cemeteries]]
*[[Barbados Census|Census]]
*[[Barbados Church Records|Church Records]]
*[[Barbados Court Records|Court Records]]
*[[Barbados Emigration and Immigration|Emigration and Immigration]]
*[[Barbados Gazetteers|Gazetteers]]
*[[Barbados Genealogy|Genealogy]]
*[[Barbados History|History]]
*[[Barbados Jewish Records|Jewish Records]]
*[[Barbados Land and Property|Land and Property]]
*[[Barbados Law and Legislation|Law and Legislation]]
*[[Barbados Maps|Maps]]
*[[Barbados Military Records|Military Records]]
*[[Barbados Naturalization and Citizenship|Naturalization and Citizenship]]
*[[Barbados Newspapers|Newspapers]]
*[[Barbados Occupations|Occupations]]
*[[Barbados Periodicals|Periodicals]]
*[[Barbados Probate Records|Probate Records]]
*[[Barbados Public Records|Public Records]]
*[[Barbados Schools|Schools]]
*[[Barbados Slavery|Slavery]]
*[[Barbados Societies|Societies]]
*[[Barbados Taxation|Taxation]]
*[[Barbados Vital Records|Vital Records]]
*[[Barbados For Further Reading|'''For Further Reading''']]
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Barbados Wiki Topics
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Beginning Research
Record Types
Barbados Background
Local Research Resources
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Getting started with Barbados research

Many people throughout the world have early family connections to the Island of Barbados. Described as England's richest colony in the 1680s, a great deal of trade existed between Barbados (part of the Triangular Trade), the British Isles, Africa, and ports on the mainland in the New England, Chesapeake, and Carolina colonies. Many indentured servants from the British Isles served labor terms in Barbados in the 1600s, and upon receiving their freedom, could find no available land on the small island. Most set sail for Jamaica and the mainland English colonies.

Since the 1960s, Barbados has been an independent island nation in the Lesser Antilles, West Indies, east of the central Windward Islands, northeast of Venezuela between the Caribbean Sea and North Atlantic Ocean.[1] Before that time, it had been part of the British Commonwealth.


Christ Church ParishSaint Michael ParishSaint George ParishSaint John ParishSaint Philip ParishSaint Joseph ParishSaint Thomas ParishSaint James ParishSaint Andrew ParishSaint Peter ParishSaint Lucy ParishMapofbarbados.gif

Bridgetown (city) | Christ Church | Saint Andrew | Saint George | Saint James | Saint John | Saint Joseph | Saint Lucy | Saint Michael | Saint Peter | Saint Philip | Saint Thomas

Research Tools

"Colonial Ancestry" in Your Archives (The National Archives wiki) has tips about finding records for Barbados.

Helpful guidebooks about researching Barbados ancestors in records on the island, as well as in English archives, are discussed in Barbados For Further Reading.

Wiki articles describing these collections are found at:
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  1. The Fact Book
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