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[http://www.vhs-mosbach.de/akgen/index.htm Baden_Grossherzogtum_(grand_duchy)]
[http://www.vhs-mosbach.de/akgen/index.htm Baden_Grossherzogtum_(grand_duchy)]

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Family Research in the Landeskirchlichen Archiv Baden

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The church books of the Baden parishes have been microfilmed and are now available for perusal in the archive of the state church. Two readers are available at the premises and it is important to make an appointment for research. If further research is necessary, the visitor can also look at family books (Familienbücher) or village genealogies which the archive makes available as secondary literature. The family books comprise all families of a given parish in a certain time frame. These books are written by hand and were constantly supplemented. They started in the 1780s and became of more importance in the 1800s. Family books do not have the same content throughout Baden. The archive has at the moment 330 family books of which 120 have been microfilmed.
Village genealogies (Ortssippenbuch) on the other hand are transcriptions of church books of a parish, organized by families. They contain family names from various centuries. For bigger cities there is hardly ever a Ortssippenbuch, most of them pertain to villages. The library of the Landeskirchliche Archiv collects Ortssippenbücher, i.e., the authors of such are obligated to donate a copy. For this reason, the library houses all Ortssippenbücher ever published. Also, authors’ names are being collected and transmitted to those who are interested in new publications.
Besides Ortssippenbücher and Familienbücher the archive houses family history related books, such as village chronicles, dictionaries etc.
The above website lists the church books (Kirchenbücher) and the Familienbücher which were filmed.
The church books list the towns of Baden and the ordinances of certain time frames, the family books are also listed alphabetically, have an archival number, a time frame and give information about affiliated parishes.
If you want to visist or write to the archive, here is the address:



Telefon : 0721 / 9175-113
Fax : 0721 / 9175-553
GEO : 49.007306 , 8.399045


Some records from Baden are now online

Church books of Hassmersheim are on CD

Genealogists from Mosbach/Baden regularly come together to work on projects regarding research of emigrants from the Neckal-Odenwald region as well as digitizing and indexing church books from the region. Their research covers the church books of Hassmersheim, a lineage book of Obrigheim, and Swiss immigrants in Neckartal-Odenwald.

The website is found here . Under Projekte click on "Kirchenbücher in Hassmersheim" to see the details. Information can be obtained by writing to E-mail: rvmuessig@aol.com