Australian Capital Territory Newspapers

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Australia Gotoarrow.png Australian Capital Territory, Australia Gotoarrow.png Australian Capital Territory Newspapers

The first newspaper, The Federal Capital Pioneer, was first published on 3 December 1924 and was shortlived ceasing publication in 1926. The Canberra Times began in 1926 and is now a major daily newspaper.

Digitised Online Archives

The major collection is housed by the National Library of Australia and accessible via its Trove search engine.

Title First published Ceased publication Online archive
Federal Capital Pioneer 1924 1926 NLA Trove
Canberra Community News 1925 1927 NLA Trove
Canberra Illustrated: A Quarterly Magazine 1925 1925 (one issue only) NLA Trove
The Canberra Times 1926 continues in print NLA Trove 1926 - 1995
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The Federal Capital Pioneer Magazine 1926 1927 NLA Trove

The Canberra Times

The Canberra Times is the major metropolitan daily published in the ACT.
Wikipedia has more about this subject: The Canberra Times

Death, funeral and legal notices and obituaries in The Canberra Times are indexed on the Ryerson Index from 2000.