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Over the years many ethnic minorities, including Jews, Italians, and Chinese, have immigrated to Australia. Some of your ancestors may come from these ethnicities. To learn about the ethnic, racial, and religious groups of your ancestors, you might study a history of Jews in Australia, Italians in New South Wales, or Chinese in the gold fields of Victoria. This historical background can help you identify where your ancestors lived and when they lived there, where they migrated, and the types of records they might be listed in.

Histories About Minority Groups

Histories have been published about some minority groups in Australia. The Australian Ethnic Heritage Series includes  histories on the Afghans, Americans, Baltics, Cornish, Czechs, Dutch, Germans, Hungarians, Italians, Jews, Lebanese, Maltese, Poles, Scandinavians, and Spanish in Australia.

The Family History Library has the above histories and histories of other minority groups. Use the Family History Library Catalog for the Place Search and the headings:



Other sources are also in the microfiche edition of the Family History Library Catalog under the name of the minority group, such as:


The following books are examples of these sources:

  • O’Brien, John, and Pauric Travers, Editors. The Irish emigrant experience in Australia. Dublin, Ireland: Poolbeg Press Limited, 1991. (Family History Library Call Number 994 F2ic.)
  • Payton, Philip J. The Cornish Miner in Australia. Kenrow, Cornwall, England: Dyllansow Truran, 1984. (Family History Library Call Number 994 F2pj.)
  • Randazzo, Nino, and Michael Cigler. The Italians in Australia. Melbourne, Australia: AE Press, 1987. (Family History Library Call Number 994 F2rn.)
  • Rubinstein, W. D., Editor. The Jews in the Sixth Continent. Sydney, Australia: Allen & Unwin Australia Pty. Ltd., 1987. (Family History Library Call Number 994 F2rw.)

For additional information, see the "Native Races" article in this wiki.