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Aust-Agder is a county (fylke) in Norway, bordering the counties Telemark, Rogaland, and Vest-Agder.  Until 1919, the name of the county was Nedenes amt.  Nedenes amt (fylke) was named after the old Nedenes farm. About 77% of the inhabitants live at the coast, where the main built area is. Tourism is important, as Arendal and the other coastal towns are popular attractions.  The county, which is located at Skagerrak coast, extends from Gjernestangern at Risør to Kvåsefjorden at Lillesand.  The inner parts of the area includeds Setesdalsheiene and Austheiene.  About 77% of the inhavitants live at the coast, where the main built area is. 

Cities, Parishes, Clerical Districts in Aust-Agder County

Map of Aust-Agder County

Aust-Agder County.jpg


History and Government Offices

Aust-Agder fylke (county) was until 1919 Nedenes amt (county).  The amt was named after the old Nedenes farm (Norse Niðarnes), since this was the seat of the amtmann (County Governor).  The meaning of the name Aust Agder is "(the) eastern (part of) Agder" since the word aust is the nynorsk form of "east".

Passenger Lists

Probate Records

Probate Records for Aust-Agder, 1653-1712

Probate Records, Index for Aust-Agder includes the following judicial districts:

  • Arendal 1709-1871
  • Risør 1709-1779
  • Nedenes 1692-1784
  • Ø. Raabygelag 1738-48
  • V. Raabygelag (Now Setesdal) 1697-1786

Probate Jurisdictions

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