Augusta County, Virginia Cemeteries

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United States > Virginia > Augusta County > Cemeteries


The following is a list of cemeteries in Augusta County:[1]

Allen Cemetery

GPS: 38.211ºN, 79.159ºW

Augusta Memorial Gardens

GPS: 38.083ºN, 78.951ºW

Bazzrea Family Cemetery

Bells Cemetery

GPS: 38.262ºN, 78.955ºW

Belmont Cemetery

GPS: 38.162ºN, 78.990ºW

Cash Cemetery

GPS: 38.265ºN, 78.898ºW

Click Cemetery

GPS: 38.285ºN, 78.913ºW

Cline Cemetery

GPS: 38.227ºN, 79.018ºW

Community Memorial Cemetery

Craigsville Memorial Cemetery

GPS: 38.079ºN, 79.386ºW

Croft Cemetery

GPS: 38.148ºN, 79.016ºW

Crosby Cemetery

GPS: 38.242ºN, 79.186ºW

Deerfield Cemetery

Edgewood Cemetery

GPS: 38.240ºN, 78.863ºW

Glebe Cemetery

GPS: 38.110ºN, 79.222ºW

Green Hill Cemetery

GPS: 38.213ºN, 79.165ºW

Greenville Cemetery

GPS: 38.002ºN, 79.157ºW

Hildebrand Cemetery

GPS: 38.138ºN, 78.890ºW

Hunters Cemetery

GPS: 38.155ºN, 79.151ºW

Jerusalem United Brethren Church Cemetery

Landes Cemetery

GPS: 38.301ºN, 78.971ºW

Melanchthon Lutheran Chapel Cemetery

GPS: 38.299ºN, 78.899ºW

Miller Memorial Baptist Church Cemetery

Moscow Church of the Brethren Cemetery

Mount Chapel Cemetery

GPS: 38.144ºN, 79.161ºW

Mount Herman Cemetery

GPS: 38.002ºN, 79.307ºW

Mount Lebanon Cemetery

GPS: 38.089ºN, 78.838ºW

Mountain View Cemetery

GPS: 38.174ºN, 78.866ºW

Also known as Bazzrea Family Cemetery.

Naked Creek Cemetery

GPS: 38.307ºN, 78.924ºW

Oak Hill Cemetery

GPS: 38.031ºN, 79.209ºW

Oak Lawn Memory Gardens

GPS: 38.182ºN, 79.084ºW

Old Cemetery

GPS: 38.239ºN, 78.861ºW

Old Forge Cemetery

GPS: 38.260ºN, 78.834ºW

Old Salem Cemetery

GPS: 38.281ºN, 78.985ºW

Rocky Springs Cemetery

Saint Paul Cemetery

GPS: 38.138ºN, 78.901ºW

Schutterie Cemetery

GPS: 38.220ºN, 79.104ºW

Sellers Cemetery

GPS: 38.300ºN, 78.885ºW

Staunton National Cemetery

GPS: 38.140ºN, 79.049ºW

Thornrose Cemetery

West Augusta Cemetery

GPS: 38.267ºN, 79.333ºW

See Also

The Genealogy Center at Allen County Public Library (Indiana) has searchable databases for a number of Augusta County cemeteries.


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