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== Russian Empire (1813-1917) ==
== Russian Empire (1813-1917) ==
*[https://books.google.com/books?id=glJCe52Uq54C&pg=PA281&dq=%D0%9A%D1%8E%D0%BB%D0%BB%D1%8E%D0%B4%D0%B6%D0%B0&hl=en&newbks=1&newbks_redir=0&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjArbHFgvPnAhUHt54KHXGQAcMQ6AEwAHoECAEQAg#v=onepage&q=%D0%9A%D1%8E%D0%BB%D0%BB%D1%8E%D0%B4%D0%B6%D0%B0&f=false Кавказскій календарь на 1909 год] (List of places in the Caucasus. List begins on page 160.) Text in Russian.
For gazetteers covering this era please see the page [[Ėrivan Gubernia Gazetteers]].
=== Erivan Gubernia (1849-1917)===
'''1880 gazetteer''' <br>
The following gazetteer was compiled during the Russian Empire time and organized geographically rather than alphabetically. Text in Russian. Use the links below to navigate directly to the district after using the alphabetical list of places to identify the entry number for the town of interest.
*1880 Списки населенных мест Кавказского края. Губернии: Эриванская, Кутаисская, Бакинская и Ставропольская и Терская область. (1880 Gazetteer for the Russian Empire provinces of Erivan, Kutaisi, Baku, Stavropol, and Tersk) **Based on information from 1873
**[https://dlib.rsl.ru/viewer/01003861883#?page=118 Alphabetical list of places in Erivan province]
**[http://elib.shpl.ru/ru/nodes/16738-t-5-spiski-naselennyh-mest-kavkazskogo-kraya-ch-1-gubernii-erivanskaya-kutaisskaya-bakinskaya-i-stavropolskaya-i-terskaya-oblast-1880#mode/inspect/page/13/zoom/4 Free cities]
**[http://elib.shpl.ru/ru/nodes/16738-t-5-spiski-naselennyh-mest-kavkazskogo-kraya-ch-1-gubernii-erivanskaya-kutaisskaya-bakinskaya-i-stavropolskaya-i-terskaya-oblast-1880#mode/inspect/page/91/zoom/4 Aleksandrapolʹ district]
**[http://elib.shpl.ru/ru/nodes/16738-t-5-spiski-naselennyh-mest-kavkazskogo-kraya-ch-1-gubernii-erivanskaya-kutaisskaya-bakinskaya-i-stavropolskaya-i-terskaya-oblast-1880#mode/inspect/page/31/zoom/4 Ėchmiadzin district]
**[http://elib.shpl.ru/ru/nodes/16738-t-5-spiski-naselennyh-mest-kavkazskogo-kraya-ch-1-gubernii-erivanskaya-kutaisskaya-bakinskaya-i-stavropolskaya-i-terskaya-oblast-1880#mode/inspect/page/15/zoom/4 Ėrivan district]
**[http://elib.shpl.ru/ru/nodes/16738-t-5-spiski-naselennyh-mest-kavkazskogo-kraya-ch-1-gubernii-erivanskaya-kutaisskaya-bakinskaya-i-stavropolskaya-i-terskaya-oblast-1880#mode/inspect/page/78/zoom/4 Nakhichevan district]
**[http://elib.shpl.ru/ru/nodes/16738-t-5-spiski-naselennyh-mest-kavkazskogo-kraya-ch-1-gubernii-erivanskaya-kutaisskaya-bakinskaya-i-stavropolskaya-i-terskaya-oblast-1880#mode/inspect/page/102/zoom/4 Novo-Bayazet district]
**[http://elib.shpl.ru/ru/nodes/16738-t-5-spiski-naselennyh-mest-kavkazskogo-kraya-ch-1-gubernii-erivanskaya-kutaisskaya-bakinskaya-i-stavropolskaya-i-terskaya-oblast-1880#mode/inspect/page/58/zoom/4 Sharur-Daralagyoz district]
**[http://elib.shpl.ru/ru/nodes/16738-t-5-spiski-naselennyh-mest-kavkazskogo-kraya-ch-1-gubernii-erivanskaya-kutaisskaya-bakinskaya-i-stavropolskaya-i-terskaya-oblast-1880#mode/inspect/page/42/zoom/4 Surmali district]
Common abbreviations:
{| class="wikitable"
| айс.
| Assyrian
| арм.
| Armenian
| грек.
| Greek
| григ.
| Armenian Apostolic (Gregorian)
| духоб.
| Dukhobor
| iезид.
| Yazidi
| кат./катол.
| Catholic
| курд.
| Kurd
| мол.
| Molokan
| прав.
| Orthodox
| прыг.
| Prygyny
| рус.
| Russian
| стар.
| Old Believers
| субб.
| Subbotnik
| сунн.
| Sunni
| ттр.
| Tatar
| шiит.
| Shiite
'''Advantages''': Available online; organized geographically along roads; shows location of churches and mosques.<br>
'''Disadvantages''': Browsable images only.
'''1912 Памятная книжка Эриванской губернии'''<br>
*[https://www.prlib.ru/item/1051953 1912 Памятная книжка Эриванской губернии / 1912 commemorative book for Erivan gubernia] (Alphabetical list of places begins on page 160.) Text in Russian.
==Other Gazetteers==
==Other Gazetteers==

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For gazetteers covering this era please see the page Ėrivan Gubernia Gazetteers.

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