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Armenia is a very old country that has experienced many boundary changes. The original kingdom of Armenia is now divided into Turkey, Iran, and the present-day Republic of Armenia. Part of Armenia was also once incorporated in the boundaries of the U.S.S.R. <br><br>Armenian research not only impacts those who lived in the country of Armenia, but also all those who belonged to the Armenian Apostolic Church, a large denomination that was prevalent in many countries including Eqypt, Austria, Russia, Indonesia, and England, to name a few. The records from these countries may be in the national language, Latin, or Armenian. Armenian research, is much more wide-spread than many realize.
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Today's featured articles are:
Today's featured articles are:
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* '''[[Armenian Civil Registration Records|Armenian Civil Registration]]'''<br>
* '''[[Armenian Civil Registration Records|Armenian Civil Registration]]'''<br>
* '''[[Armenian Occupations]]'''
* '''[[Armenian Occupations]]'''
* '''[[Armenian Census]]'''
* '''[[Armenian Census]]''' <!--{12055160666050} -->
<!--{12054453770310} -->
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'''''Articles that Need Editing'''''
* Article 1
* Article 2
* Article 3<br>
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* coming soon...<br>
=== Did You Know? ===
* Armenia was the first nation to formally adopt Christianity
* From April 24th, 1915 until 1921, over 1 million Armenians were killed, totaling almost 80% of the population.<br>
=== Useful Websites ===
[http://www.rootsweb.com/~armwgw/ Armenia Genweb Project]
[http://feefhs.org/ Federation of East European Family History Societies (FEEFHS)]
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Today's featured articles are:

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