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Other wiki articles that relate to this topic:  
Other wiki articles that relate to this topic:  
[,_Marriage_and Death_Records Arizona Vital Records]
[,_Marriage_and Death_Records|Arizona Vital Records]
== Bibliographic Information  ==
== Bibliographic Information  ==

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United States > United States Vital Records > Arizona Vital Records > Arizona Statewide Death Certificates

Arizona Statewide Death Certificates[edit | edit source]

Sample image of Arizona Death Certificate

This wiki article describes a collection that is available for free online at FamilySearch Record Search -- Pilot Site. To access the collection, see Arizona Deaths, 1870-1951

Collection Time Period[edit | edit source]

The certificates cover deaths from 1887-1951.

Collection History[edit | edit source]

Statewide registration of vital statistics began in 1909 and the state achieved 90 percent compliance 1926. Some earlier records for 1887 to 1909 consist of deaths recorded by the individual counties where the death occurred. The counties that participated sent copies to the Arizona Department of Health Services, and the records are available at both places. The Office of Vital Records is responsible for maintaining and issuing certified copies of vital records, including death certificates for deaths that occurred in Arizona. The Office of Vital Records officially began recording birth and death events in July, 1909. However, it maintains a sampling of death records, from 1877, from other sources.

Why This Collection Was Created[edit | edit source]

 Death certificates were created to record deaths in Arizona in compliance with state law.  

Collection Reliability[edit | edit source]

Information pertaining to death is reliable; including death, name of the attending physician or attending medical professional, name and address of the funeral home used, and the exact date and place of burial. Other information is dependent upon the reliability of the informant.

Collection Description[edit | edit source]

Each death certificate was created on a pre-printed form.

How To Use This Collection[edit | edit source]

Arizona death certificates are the best source for death information after 1887. Death records can provide information leading to additional genealogical records. 

Collection Content[edit | edit source]

  • Key genealogical facts found in all death certificates are:
  • Dates of death and burial
  • Frequently, birth date of the deceased
  • City, county, and state of death
  • Name and location of the cemetery where the deceased is buried
  • Frequently, the country or state and sometimes the town and county of birth for the deceased
  • Frequently, the country or state and sometimes the town and county of the birth for the parents
  • Name of the deceased, married name of the spouse, names of parents, often with maiden name of the mother
  • Name of the informant, who is often a child or other family member
  • Age of the deceased usually in years, months, and days
  • Sex of the deceased
  • Residence or address of the deceased, often including length of residence at that place or in the United States, if foreign born
  • Whether the deceased was single, married, widowed, or divorced at the time of death
  • Occupation of the deceased

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Bibliographic Information[edit | edit source]

Arizona. Department of Health Services. Certificates of Death. Digital copies of originals housed at the Arizona Department of LIbrary, Archives and Public Records, Phoenix, Arizona.

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