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Arizona Birth, Marriage and Death Records

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Arizona Birth, Marriage and Death Records[edit | edit source]

Arizona Vital Records Online Links[edit | edit source]

The internet is a powerful tool for locating online Arizona vital records indexes. After locating a person in the index, original records should always be consulted. Very few indexes link to actual images of birth, marriage death and divorce records. As digitized images become available, links may be found under original images online.

Birth records 1855-1933 and death records 1844-1958 index and image of original document

Introduction to Vital Records[edit | edit source]

Arizona vital records include birth, marriage, divorce and death records.  Documents recording these important events are referred to as "vital records". A copy or extract of the original records may be obtained by contacting the Arizona Vital Records State Department of Health or the specific county clerks offices.  United States vital records offer an overview of vital records in the United States.

Minorities[edit | edit source]

Birth Records[edit | edit source]

Early to 1909[edit | edit source]

1909-Present[edit | edit source]

Statewide registration of vital statistics in Arizona began in 1909 and was generally complied with by 1926. Some earlier records for 1887 to 1909 consist of births and deaths recorded by the individual counties where the events occurred. The counties that participated sent copies to the Arizona Department of Health Services, and the records are available at both places.

Adoption Records[edit | edit source]

Marriage Records[edit | edit source]

There is no statewide registration of marriages. An 1864 territorial law required county recorders to keep marriage and divorce records. From 1891 to 1912, clerks of probate courts issued marriage licenses. Marriage records are presently kept by the superior court of the county in which the event occurred.

Many of the early marriages for the state are searchable online at no cost in the Western States Marriage Index.

Yuma, Yuma County, Arizona served many eloping couples from Arizona, southern California and New Mexico.  In Yuma there was no paper work or waiting period between the time of issuing a license and the performance of the marriage.

Divorce Records[edit | edit source]

The earliest divorce records were granted by the territorial legislature and are found in the published Territorial Statutes. Later divorce proceedings were kept by the district court of each county until 1912, when the superior court was given this jurisdiction. 

Death Records[edit | edit source]

Early to 1909[edit | edit source]

1909 - Present[edit | edit source]

Arizona Statewide Death Certificates: A free internet index and images to the Arizona Statewide Death Certificates can be viewed on the FamilySearch Record Search website. For a description of the collection see Arizona Statewide Death Certificates

Arizona Deaths 1870-1951 are online at Record Search

Arizona Statewide Death Certificates Records

To obtain copies of the records for dates not currently online write to the state office at:

Vital Records Section

Arizona Department of Health Services
P.O. Box 3887
Phoenix, AZ 85030
Telephone: 602-255-3260
Internet: Arizona Department of Health Services

For current fees and latest information for obtaining copies of the state's records (click on Arizona).

Substitute Records[edit | edit source]

Analyzing Records[edit | edit source]

Archives, Libraries & Societies[edit | edit source]

Arizona Archives and Libraries

Arizona Societies

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • The information given on a birth or death certificate is given by an informant.  Learn the relationship of the informant to determine the accuracy of the record.

  • If you are unable to locate a vital record recorded by civil governments; search for a church record of christening, marriage, death or burial.  A family Bible may have been used to record family births, marriages and deaths.

  • Privacy laws restrict access to the records of living individuals. The individual must apply for their records however, parents may be permitted to obtain a record for a child.

  • County Historical and Genealogical Societies of Arizona may have additional records and information.

References[edit | edit source]