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=== Obtain additional help  ===
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=== References  ===
=== References  ===

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This article is about the southwestern U.S. state. For other uses, see Arizona (disambiguation).

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Welcome to Arizona

The Grand Canyon State

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Did You Know?

  • American Indians. There are 21 reservations in the state. In addition to the Navajo—the largest tribe—important groups are the Mohave, Apache, Hopi, Paiute, Tohono O'odham, Ak-Chin, Yuma, Yavapai, Hualapai, and Havasupai. For more information see Indians of Arizona. Histories of Arizona Indians are listed in the Family History Library Catalog under ARIZONA - MINORITIES, as well as under ARIZONA - NATIVE RACES. Other records of American Indians are listed in the Subject Search of the Family History Library Catalog under the names of the tribes.
  • Prison Records. Arizona Department of Corrections has a searchable online database of 100 years of Inmate Admissions (1872 - 1972).
  • Gretna Greens. When an eloping Arizona couple's marriage is not in their home county, search for it in alternate places like Las Vegas, Clark, Nevada, or Yuma, Yuma, Arizona.[1]


Extinct or Renamed Counties:  Bernalillo · Castle Dome · Doña Ana · Ewell · Mesilla · Pah-Ute · Rio Arriba · Rio Virgin · Santa Ana · Socorro · Taos · Valencia

Arizona County Creation Dates and Parent Counties showing dates they were created or renamed and counties created from older counties. Details will assist you in determining which county would have the records you are seeking. Arizona currently has 15 counties.

Previous Jurisdictions to land in Arizona showing dates the jurisdictions were created and where. This will help in determining what jurisdiction your ancestor lived in and where the records are now located.


See Arizona Genealogical Societies for a listing of the currently active genealogical societies in Arizona.

Research Tools


Wiki Articles on Arizona topics linking to FamilySearch Historical Record Collections


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  1. Arlene H. Eakle, "Have you searched and searched for a marriage without finding it?" in Genealogy Blog at http://www.arleneeakle.com/wordpress/2007/02/19/have-you-searched-and-searched-for-the-marriage-without-finding-it/ (accessed 8 January 2011).
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