Ardennes, France Genealogy

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Getting started with Ardennes research

The Ardennes is a region of forests, hills and ridges within the Ardennes mountain range, primarily in Belgium,Luxembourg but reaching into France.

The Archive of the Ardennes has put the following records oline:

  • 10year Indexes (1792-1892
  • Partial Civil Registration records
  • Conscription Lists
  • Cadaster records from the year XII-1850 


The Deparment of the Ardennes belongsto the Champagne-Ardenne Region and is divided into 4 arrondissements and 37 cantons.

Arrondissement de Charleville-Mézières: Charleville-Centre -Flize - Fumay - Givet - Mézières-Centre-Ouest - Mézières-Est - Monthermé - Nouzonville - Omont - Renwez - Revin - Rocroi - Rumigny - Signy-l'Abbaye - Signy-le-Petit - Villers-Semeuse - Charleville-La Houillère
Arrondissement de Rethel: Asfeld - Château-Porcien - Chaumont-Porcien - Juniville - Novion-Porcien - Rethel
Arrondissement de Sedan: Carignan - Mouzon - Raucourt-et-Flaba - Sedan-Est - Sedan-Nord - Sedan-Ouest
Arrondissement de Vouziers: Attigny- Buzancy - Le Chesne - Grandpré - Machault - Monthois - Tourteron - Vouziers

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