Saxony-Anhalt Church Records

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The Evangelical church of Sachsen-Anhalt today is divided into 5 Kirchenkreise and 190 parishes. Here is a list of the 5 Kirchenkreise

Region Dessau Innenstadt
Stadtregion West
Region Kreuz/Törten Parochie St. Peter und Kreuz
Region Ost
Region Süd
Region West
Region Stadt Köthen
Region Nord
Region Süd
Region Stadt Zerbst
Region Roßlau
Region Coswig
Region Lindau
Region Bernburg Innenstadt
Region West
Region Staßfurt
Region Nienburg
Region Ballenstedt
Region Frose-Hoym
Region Harzgerod

see also  for individual parishes.  Another helpfulsite is found at this link [1]

The church records of the Evangelical church are in the individual parishes of Sachsen-Anhalt today. The church books for bigger cities like Magdeburg and Halle are partly centralized. Inquiries are to be directed to the appropriate Gemeindekirchenrat.


Following is a site dealing with church record extractions for the southern part of Anhalt. This data was gathered by Josef Görner who did research in the Borna, Eisenberg, Hohenmölsen, Merseburg, Naumburg, Weißenfels and Zeitz regions. Once in the site, click on the letter needed and obtain information from the 1500s on.


Another website has the following localities (southern Anhalt) cataloged from beginning to 1800