Amrum, Schleswig-Holstein, Preussen, Germany

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Germany to Prussia to Schleswig-Holstein

Family History Catalog

  • Information of the clergy, sextons, district and provincial administrators of sextons, district and provincial administrators of Föhr Island, Schleswig-Holstein, Preußen, Germany. Eigenhändige nachrichten von den Predigern und Küstern auf Föhr : von den Hardes- und Landvögten über Westerland Föhr und Amrum, von den Vögten in Osterland, 1570-1815 FHL 210540
  • Census records of Ribe county in Schleswig-Holstein which were under Danish control at the time of the 1840 census. Ribe countys border have changed from what they were in 1840 and includes today also parishes from Tønder, Vejle and Haderslev counties; and the islands Amrum, Föhr and Sylt in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. FHL 226614