Alpes-Maritimes Department (France) Records Online

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• This website contains digitized original records

• Use this website to research French Land Register maps, old newspapers, Parish records and Civil Records online

Content: in French

Access to a growing number of free online digitized historical documents and newspapers.'

Internet Address:


Using the site:

3 main types of Documents:

1. La presse ancienne: allows you to search in 2 French historical newspapers:

      • Le Petit Niçois
      • L’Eclaireur
        • “Choisissez un jour” (Pick a day)
        • “Choisissez un mois” (Pick a month)
        • “Choisissez une année” (Pick a year)
        • “Lancer la recherche” (Search)

On the next page, “afficher” (display), zoom in until you can read the page. Can be downloaded (télécharger) or printed (imprimer). Turn to the next page by clicking >> or go to the previous page by clicking <<

2. Le cadastre napoléoniene:

    • "Choisissez une commune (Pick a town) by clicking on the arrow and click “Rechercher” (Search). Click on “Affichez” for the area you want and zoom in for a closer look.
    • Can be downloaded or printed.

3. les actes d’etat civil:

    • “Choisissez une commune” (Pick a town) by clicking on the arrow
    • Select “Naissances” (births), “Mariages” (marriages), “Décès” (deaths) or “Tables” (tables).
    • Select the time frame for your search (not required)
    • If you have a Revoltionary calendar date click on the “Calendrier Révolutionnaire”
    • Then “Lancer la recherche” (Search)
    • Click on “Afficher” then zoom in to read the records. Go to the next page by slicking on “>>”, Go to the previous page by clicking “<<”
    • Image can be downloaded or printed.





Minimum requirement:

  1. 1Ghz processor, 128Mb of RAM, Internet connection.
  2. Recommended: 2Ghz processor, 256Mb of RAM, high speed Internet connection.
  3. Browser: Internet Explorer 6, Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox, Opera 8.0 and Konqueror
  4. Macromedia Flash plugin