Allen County, Ohio Genealogy

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Online Records

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Allen County, Ohio
Map of Ohio highlighting Allen County
Location in the state of Ohio
Map of the U.S. highlighting Ohio
Location of Ohio in the U.S.
Allen County, Ohio Courthouse.jpg
Address Allen County Courthouse
301 N. MainSt.
Lima, Ohio 45801
Allen County Website
Phone: 419-222-8427


Historical Facts

Beginning dates for major county records
<a href="Allen County, Ohio#Birth">Birth</a>
<a href="Allen County, Ohio#Marriage">Marriage</a>
<a href="Allen County, Ohio#Death">Death</a>
<a href="Allen County, Ohio#Census">Tax</a>
<a href="Allen County, Ohio#Land_and_Property">Land</a>
<a href="Allen County, Ohio#Probate_Records">Probate</a>
*For earlier dates, try... <a href="Allen County, Ohio#Church_Records">Church</a> | <a href="Allen County, Ohio#Obituaries">Obituaries</a> | <a href="Allen County, Ohio#Cemeteries">Cemeteries</a>

Boundary Changes

  • 14 February 1848: Auglaize County was set off from the southern half of original Allen County.
  • 1848: Monroe, Richland and southern half of Sugar Creek Townships were transferred from Putnam County.
  • 1848: Parts of VanWert and Mercer counties were transferred to Allen County form Spencer Township and part of Marion Township.
  • May 1853: Cash settlement was agreed upon by Allen and Putnam counties for Putnam's loss.

See an interactive map of Allen County <a href="">boundary changes</a>.

Record Loss

<img src="/learn/wiki/en/images/3/30/Fire.png" alt="Fire.png" class="fck_mw_left" style="width: 24;" />1929--Allen County Courthouse destroyed by fire on January 7, 1929.  Many county records destroyed. [3]


Bible Records


Business Records and Commerce




Cemeteries of Lima, Allen County, Ohio

  • Gethsemani Cemetery, 2001 Spencerville Road, Lima, Ohio 45805, 419-223-1651
  • Memorial Park Cemetery, 3000 Harding Highway, Lima, Ohio 45804, 419-223-3811
  • Woodlawn Cemetery, 1751 Spencerville Road, Lima Ohio 45805, 419-223-9831


<img class="FCK__MWTemplate" src="" _fckfakelement="true" _fckrealelement="27" _fck_mw_template="true"> 1785
1850--Federal Census transcription and images
1920--index for surnames beginning with the letter "E" and "F"

Church Records

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Court Records

Emigration and Immigration

Ethnic, Political, or Religious Groups




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Land and Property

<img class="FCK__MWTemplate" src="" _fckfakelement="true" _fckrealelement="19" _fck_mw_template="true">

<a href="">Bureau of Land Management Database Transcription</a>
It shows the original purchasers of land from the federal government and covers the period from pre-Revolutionary times up to 1908.

Local Histories

<img class="FCK__MWTemplate" src="" _fckfakelement="true" _fckrealelement="17" _fck_mw_template="true">




Revolutionary War

War of 1812

Civil War

  • Civil War service men from Van Wert County served in various regiments. Men often joined a company (within a regiment) that originated in their county. Listed below are companies that were specifically formed in Van Wert County.

-<a href="4th Regiment, Ohio Cavalry">4th Regiment, Ohio Cavalry</a>, Companies F and I
-<a href="99th Regiment, Ohio Infantry">99th Regiment, Ohio Infantry</a>, Companies B and E

World War I


Naturalization and Citizenship

County Museum has naturalizations 1851-1929.


<img class="FCK__MWTemplate" src="" _fckfakelement="true" _fckrealelement="15" _fck_mw_template="true">

Online Newspapers
Online Newspaper Abstracts
Newspaper Extracts and Abstracts in Book Form

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Public Records


County Courthouse

<a href="">Allen County Courthouse</a>
301 N Main Street
Lima, OH 45801-4456

<a href="">Allen County Website</a>
Phone: 419.223.8513

Probate Court  has <a href="Allen County, Ohio#Birth">births</a> and <a href="Allen County, Ohio#Death">deaths</a> from 1867, <a href="Allen County, Ohio#Marriage">marriages</a> from 1831, and <a href="Allen County, Ohio#Probate">probate records</a>.

Court Clerk  has <a href="Allen County, Ohio#Marriage">divorces</a> and <a href="Allen County, Ohio#Court_Records">court records</a> from 1831.

<a href="">County Museum</a>  has <a href="Allen County, Ohio#Naturalization_and_Citizenship">naturalizations</a> 1851-1929.

Family History Centers
  • <a href="Introduction to LDS Family History Centers">Introduction to LDS Family History Centers</a>
  • <a href="Lima Ohio Family History Center">Lima Ohio Family History Center</a>


<img class="FCK__MWTemplate" src="" _fckfakelement="true" _fckrealelement="9" _fck_mw_template="true">

1834 Tax Lists

Taxpayers--Personal Property

 Vital Records

<img class="FCK__MWTemplate" src="" _fckfakelement="true" _fckrealelement="7" _fck_mw_template="true"> Online Birth Indexes and Records Original Birth Records on Microfilm


Online Birth Indexes and Records
Original Birth Records on Microfilm


Online Marriage Indexes and Records

Original Marriage Records on Microfilm


  • Divorce Petitions and Decrees

<a href="">1876</a> | 1878 | 1879 | 1880 | <a href="">1881</a> | 1882 | 1883 | 1884 | 1885 | 1886 | 1887 | 1888 | <a href="">1889</a> | <a href="">1890</a> | <a href="">1891</a> | <a href="">1892</a> | 1893 | 1894 | 1895 | <a href="">1896</a> | <a href="">1897</a> | <a href="">1898-1899</a> |

  • Divorce Petitions and Decrees for Allen and Van Wert Counties, and Surrounding Areas, 1898-1900

<a href="">1898-1900</a> | 1901 | 1902 | 1903 | <a href="">1904</a> | <a href="">1905</a> | <a href="">1906</a> | <a href="">1905-1906</a> | <a href="">1907</a> | <a href="">1908</a> | <a href="">1909</a> | 1900 | <a href="">1910</a> | 1911 | 1912 | 1913 | 1914 | 1915 | 1916 | 1917 | 1918 | <a href="">1919</a> |


''Online Death Indexes and Records''

Original Death Records on Microfilm</nowiki>

Web Sites


Populated Places


<tbody> </tbody>

  • <a href="Delphos, Ohio">Delphos</a>
  • Lima


<tbody> </tbody>

  • Beaverdam
  • <a href="Bluffton, Ohio">Bluffton</a>
  • Cairo
  • Elida
  • Fort Shawnee
  • Harrod
  • Lafayette
  • Spencerville


<tbody> </tbody>

  • Amanda
  • American
  • Auglaize
  • Bath
  • Jackson
  • Marion
  • Monroe
  • Perry
  • Richland
  • Shawnee
  • Spencer
  • Sugar Creek


<tbody> </tbody>

  • Gomer
  • Westminster



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<a href="Category:Allen_County,_Ohio">Allen_County,_Ohio</a>
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