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and at:<br />
and at:<br>
'''Department of Education'''<br />West Tower, Devonian Building<br />11160 Jasper Avenue<br />Edmonton, AB T5K QLZ<br />Canada<br />Telephone: 403-427-7219<br />Fax: 403-427-0591
'''Department of Education'''<br>West Tower, Devonian Building<br>11160 Jasper Avenue<br>Edmonton, AB T5K QLZ<br>Canada<br>Telephone: 403-427-7219<br>Fax: 403-427-0591

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School attendance returns are located in the Provincial Archives,


and at:

Department of Education
West Tower, Devonian Building
11160 Jasper Avenue
Edmonton, AB T5K QLZ
Telephone: 403-427-7219
Fax: 403-427-0591