Alagoas, Brazil Genealogy

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Alagoas originated as a capitancy of Pernambouco from the 16th century until it gained it's own capitancy in 1817. When Brazil gained its independence from Portugal in 1822, Alagoas became a province, and later changed to a state when Brazil became a republic. From 1630 to 1646 the area of Alagoas was controlled by the Dutch. The capital of Alagoas is the city of Maceio. Alagoas resides in northeastern Brazil between the states of Pernambuco and Sergipe.



Those interested in obtaining records from state archives for Alagoas can contact the Public Archive of Alagoas: Arquivo Público de Alagoas
Praça D. Pedro II - 57 - Centro
57020-130 Maceió - AL
Tel.: (082) 223-4098