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| 10:00 AM
| 10:00 AM
Call to register at 310 474-9990 <br>

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Family Tree Sources, Photos, Stories, Documents

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This advanced class assumes those attending have some experience using "family tree" and "photos" on familysearch.org.

Those taking the class are asked to bring a photo to upload, tag and attach to a person in Family Tree.

Some of the topics covered will be:

  1. Capturing images to be used in sources
  2. Uploading, adding a title, tagging and attaching photos to a person in Family Tree
  3. Changing a Portrait Photo
  4. Adding sources using the source template
  5. Adding sources using indexed data bases on familysearch.org
  6. Adding sources using "Tree Connect" on the bookmark bar which has been dragged from recordseek.com
  7. Adding and editing stories


Apr 19 10:00 AM
May 24 10:00 AM
June 21 10:00 AM
July 24 10:00 AM
Aug 16 10:00 AM

Call to register at 310 474-9990