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Access Codes

Different sites have different requirements for access to the information. Commercial and non-commercial sites use different ways.


Library access card is required. list of libraries having access. Some restrictions apply.


Free access, no registration required at all.


  1. The USGenWeb Project
  2. American Local History Network
  3. American History and Genealogy Project


Free access to information, registration / subscription is required to post any information.


  1. message boards
  3. Rootsweb Mailing lists


Free access to indexes, must pay for subscription or order record to see full information


  1. Cook County Genealogy (Cook County government site)
  2. Illinois Death Certificate Index
  6. databases (partial indexing) (Free access at selected Family History centers)


Memberships required to access databases. Some may be fee-based memberships.

  2. Footnote
  4. Some online newspapers require paid subscription to access articles and/or obituaries.

FSP (code reserved for future use)

FamilySearch is working with various partners to create indexes of certain content which will be in part accessible via what is now known as Record Search Pilot. Most images and indexes both will be free. However, some parties partnering with FamilySearch desire taht they be able to do certain things with their data where a fee is required for accessing the data images.

These parties, however, in their agreement with FamilySearch, are making the data that others would otherwise pay for, to those that would be referred to as 'FamilySearch Members'. There would be certain criteria used to determine who was a FamilySearch Member and those would have rights to access the images for free. Details are being worked out on how to authenticate access, and the final requirements necessary to be considered a FamilySearch Member in some instances, but this is anticiated to be in place sometime later in 2009. In other words, details on this are forthcoming.

This access code is not presently needed but may be in some form needed once the FamilySearch Members program is finalized and rolled out.