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[[Image:Abruzzo Provinces.JPG|thumb|200px|right]]
[[Image:Abruzzo Provinces.JPG|thumb|200px|right]]
[[Abruzzo Jurisdicitons|Abruzzo Jurisdictions]]
[[Abruzzo Jurisdictions|Abruzzo Jurisdictions]]
== Research Tools  ==
== Research Tools  ==

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Italy goto Abruzzo

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In more modern times Abruzzo was part of the Abruzzi region with Molise until 1963. The term Abruzzi (plural form of Abruzzo) derives from the time when the region was part of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies and the territory was administered as Abruzzo Citeriore (This or Nearer Abruzzo) and Abruzzo Ulteriore I and II (Further Abruzzo I and II ), that being nearer and further from Naples, the capital of the kingdom. Abruzzo Citeriore is present day Chieti province. Abruzzo Ulteriore I comprised the Teramo and Pescara provinces; Abruzzo Ulteriore II is now the Province of L'Aquila. For more information on the history and geography of the region, click here.

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Abruzzo Jurisdictions

Research Tools

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The Pescara River runs through the middle of the city of Pescara. At one time, the area to the north of the river was called Castellammare Adriatico which became an autonomous community in 1807. The province of Pescara was created in 1927 from communities that belonged to the provinces of L'Aquila, Chieti, and Teramo. At the same time the city of Pescara was reunited with the city of Castellammare Adriatico, under the name of Pescara. If you are researching ancestors in the city of Pescara, you may encounter a problem. When records were filmed, it seems likely that the records from the original Pescara dating from 1866-1929 may have been missed. Families that lived in Castellammare Adriatico can be traced to more modern times, but those on the south side of the river usually cannot be found. Correspondence with the Tribunale of Pescara may be necessary at this point.

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