34th Battalion, Virginia Cavalry (Witcher's Battalion, Virginia Mounted Rifles) (Confederate)

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Brief History

  • Formerly the 1st Battalion Virginia Mounted Rifles, was organized in December, 1862.
  • The unit served in A.G. Jenkins', W.E. Jones', V.A. Witcher's, and B.T. Johnson's Brigade and first engaged the Federals in western Virginia. It had a force of 172 men at Gettysburg, returned to western Virginia, then was involved in operations in East Tennessee.
  • During April, 1864, it contained 222 effectives, saw action at Piedmont, and served with Early in the Shenandoah Valley.
  • The 34th disbanded at Lynchburg in April, 1865.
  • Lieutenant Colonel Vinson A. Witcher, and Majors John A. McFarlane and William Straton were in command.
  • AKA - Witcher's Battalion, Virginia Mounted Rifles


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