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22 Apr 2010 Genealogists Helping Genealogists Meeting Agenda

Meeting ID: 8463 Meeting  Click to Attend  Dial in Numbers: 801-240-2663

1. Welcome - Review purpose of meeting.

  •  If you have experience with family history but are new to using the Wiki, this meeting is for you!  You may receive support in using and contributing to the Wiki and help others with direction in their person research and using the Wiki in the Genealogists Helping Newbies meeting following this 30 meeting.
  •  Project leaders with  Wiki projects may find these meetings a good place to meet and recruit team members for your projects.  New users will learn about the Wiki from you and other members of your project team.
  • The Family history community naturally reaches out to mentor and share our knowledge and sources with each other. As we do this, we experience the support of collaboration and the sweetness of success. Working together, we will find our ancestors! 

2. Discuss guidelines for future meetings.

Suggested Guidelines:

•A different person leads the group every week.
•Limit Technical discussion
•If someone asks a questions, see if others want to know the answer, if not have someone take it offline and answer them

3. Topics of Discussion:

Review articles on Help and Contribute page