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I Know They Lived in the Rural Area, But I Don't Know the Enumeration District

To locate your ancestor in the 1940 Census, you need a name index or know the Enumeration District where your ancestor lived.

Check the 1940 Census Status Map to see if the state where your ancestor lived has been indexed. 

If your know your ancestor lived in a rural area, do the following:

Step 1 Use SteveMorse.org to Narrow Down the Enumeration District

  • Use the drop down lists to choose the state and county.
  • In the City or Town drop down list, select "Other(specify)." A new field will appear. Type in the town.
  • A number of Enumeration Districts will appear under, "1940 ED numbers corresponding to your location."
  • Click on the button, "More Details." A list of the Enumeration Districts descriptions will appear. Read each description to see if you can determine where your ancestor lived.
  • NOTE: If there are more than 4 Enumeration Districts listed, original Enumeration District maps are available to review. Use SteveMorse.org by filling in the state, county, and city. Search each map link to see if you can locate the area your ancestor lived in and the corresponding Enumeration District number listed on the map.

Step 2 Use FamilySearch.org to Browse the Images

  • Search each Enumeration District number by clicking on the first number.
  • A new screen will appear. Click on "FamilySearch Viewer" under,"Select the viewer you want to use."
  • On the FamilySearch.org website, you will see a description of the Enumeration District you chose. Click on the Enumeration District to take you to the census images.
  • You may see a card listing the Enumeration District number instead of the actual census image. In the top right hand corner, click on the arrow which will advance you to the next page. Advance in this manner until you see a 1940 Census page.
  • View each page in the Enumeration District searching column 7 which lists the names of each person. Scan each page until you locate your individual or run out of pages for the Enumeration District.
  • If you have not located your ancestor, click back on the SteveMorse.org browser tab that lists all of the Enumeration District numbers. Click on the next Enumeration District and repeat the process.
  • If you have not located your ancestor after searching the Enumeration District, they may be living in a different town or state. Search for your ancestor in other records created in or near 1940 to locate where they were living.