1940 Census United States - I Know the 1930 Census ED

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I Know the Enumeration District From the 1930 Census

If you do not know the Enumeration District number from the 1930 Census, go to the I Don't Know the ED from the 1930 Census wiki instructions.

Step 1 Use SteveMorse.org To Convert the 1930 Census Enumeration District Number

  • Under the phrase, "If you know the 1930 ED for this location, enter it here," fill in the fields with your ancestor's state, and the Enumeration District number from the 1930 Census.
  • The correct Enumeration District number will appear below the phrase, "1940 ED numbers corresponding to your location."
  • Click on the Enumeration District number listed. Make sure the box directly below is checked for "1940 Census Pages".
  • A new tab will appear. Under "Select the viewer you want to use," click on "FamilySearch Viewer." This will take you to the 1940 Census digital images on the FamilySearch.org website.

Step 2 Use the Enumeration District Number to Search the 1940 Census

  • On the FamilySearch.org website, you will see a description of your Enumeration District. Click on this link to take you to the census images.
  • You may see a card listing the Enumeration District number instead of the actual census image. In the top right corner, click on the arrow to advance to the next page. Advance in this manner until you see a 1940 Census page.

If You Have an Address

  • If you have an address for your ancestor, search column 1 to locate the name of the street. It is written sideways. If the street is not listed on this page, click on the arrow to see the next census page in the Enumeration District until you find the correct street.  
  • Once you locate the correct street, look for the house number in column 2.
  • Once you locate the correct house number, your ancestor should be listed in the household. If your ancestor is not listed at the address, your ancestor may have moved between 1930 and 1940. Search for your ancestor in other records created in or near 1940 to locate the correct address.

If You Do Not Have an Address

  • View each page in the Enumeration District to find your ancestor. Search each page until you locate your individual or come to the end of the Enumeration District.
  • If you have not located your ancestor after searching the Enumeration District, click on the SteveMorse.org browser tab that lists all of the Enumeration District numbers. Click on the next Enumeration District and repeat the process.

My Ancestor Wasn't Living at the City Directory Address

  • Your ancestor may have moved before the census was taken on April 1940. To locate another address, search for your ancestor in other records created close to the time the 1940 Census was taken.