14th Regiment Heavy Artillery (African Descent)

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Brief History

     The 14th Regiment Heavy Artillery (African Descent) was organized at Providence August 28, 1863, to January 25, 1864. It was mustered out at New Orleans October 2, 1865. For more information see, "www.civilwararchive.com/Unreghst/unriarty.htm".

Other Sources


The Fourteenth regiment Rhode Island heavy artillery (colored) in the war to Preserve the Union - William H. Chenery. view online at Google books.com and gooboogeni.com

Addeman, Joshua Melancthon - Reminiscences of two years with the colored troops

internet sites

Wikipedia article on the 14th Rhode Island Heavy Artillery (Colored).

The 14th Rhode Island Re-enactor Program

Citizens of Color, 1863-1890: Military and Political Participation, Hartford Black History Project.

All Men are Brothers, Tom Brooks.

Black Soldiers in the Civil War