14th Regiment, Virginia Cavalry (Confederate)

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United States Gotoarrow.png  U.S. Military Gotoarrow.png  Virginia Gotoarrow.png   Virginia Military Gotoarrow.png  Virginia in the Civil War Gotoarrow.png 4th Regiment, Virginia Cavalry

Brief History

  • Organized in September 1862, with nine companies, some of which had previously served in Jackson's Squadron Virginia Cavalry.
  • The unit was attached to Jenkins', Echols', and McCausland's Brigade.
  • It skirmished in western Virginia, then saw action at Droop Mountain and Lewisburg.
  • During January 1864, it had 29 officers and 424 men present for duty.
  • The 14th continued the fight in Western Virginia, took part in the operations in the Shenandoah Valley, and disbanded in April 1865.
  • Field officers: Colonels James Cochran and Charles E. Thorburn, Lieutenant Colonels Robert A. Bailey and John A. Gibson, and Majors B. Frank Eakle and George Jackson.[1]

Companies in this Regiment with the Counties of Origin

Men most often enlisted in a company recruited in the county where they lived. If not found in their home county, then, one should look in adjacent counties. Additionally, after many battles, companies might be combined. 

Company A (White's Mounted Riflemen) - many men from Greenbrier County

 Company B (Charlotte Cavalry) - many men from Charlotte County.
Initially organized in May 1861. Reorganized in May 1862. It is reported that it served for a time as an unorganized command known as Jackson's Squadron Virginia Cavalry. Captains were John G. Smith, John G. Smith, and Edwin Edmunds Bouldin.

 Company C (Valley Cavalry or Rangers) - many men from Rockbridge, Augusta and Highland Counties

  Company D (Jenkins Guards) - many men from Greenbrier County

  Company E (Captain Absalom Knott's Company) - many men from Calhoun County

  Company F (Captain James B. Morgan's Company) - many men from Boone County

  Company F (2nd)(Captain William t. Smith's Company) - many men from Montgomery County and Roanoke County

  Company G (Border Rangers) - many men from Montgomery County and Roanoke County

Company H (Second Rockbridge Dragoons) - many men from Rockbridge County

  Company  I (Churchville Cavalry) - many men from Augusta County

  Company K (Greenbrier Swifts or Greenbrier Cavalry No. 2) - many men from Greenbrier County

  Company  L (Captain John T. Bland's Company) - many men from Braxton and Nicholas Counties

  Company M (Braxton Dragoons) - many men from      

  Company N (Night Hawk Rangers) - many men from Roane, Jackson, Wirt and Wood Counties

     The information above is from 14th Virginia Cavalry, by Robert J. Driver, Jr.

  • The tenth company was made up of surplus men of the other companies.
Field and Staff

Company A 
Company B 
Company C  
Company D 
Company E  
Company F  
Company F2nd 
Company G   
Company H  
Company I   
Company K  
Company L  
Company M 



Other Sources

National Park Service, The Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System, is searchable by soldier's name and state. It contains basic facts about soldiers on both sides of the Civil War, a list of regiments, descriptions of significant battles, sources of the information, and suggestions for where to find additional information.


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