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| iезид.
| iезид.
| Yazidi
| Yazidi
| iуд.
| Jew
| кат./катол.
| кат./катол.

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Russian Empire (1813-1917)[edit | edit source]

Erivan Gubernia (1849-1917)[edit | edit source]

1880 gazetteer
The following gazetteer was compiled during the Russian Empire time and organized geographically rather than alphabetically. Text in Russian. Use the links below to navigate directly to the district after using the alphabetical list of places to identify the entry number for the town of interest.

Common abbreviations:

Abbreviation Meaning
айс. Assyrian
арм. Armenian
грек. Greek
григ. Armenian Apostolic (Gregorian)
духоб. Dukhobor
iезид. Yazidi
iуд. Jew
кат./катол. Catholic
курд. Kurd
мол. Molokan
прав. Orthodox
прыг. Prygyny
рус. Russian
стар. Old Believers
субб. Subbotnik
сунн. Sunni
ттр. Tatar
шiит. Shiite

Advantages: Available online; organized geographically along roads; shows location of churches and mosques.
Disadvantages: Browsable images only.

1912 Памятная книжка Эриванской губернии