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Guide to Ėrivan Gubernia, Russian Empire ancestry, family history, and genealogy: birth records, marriage records, death records, both church and civil registration, compiled family history, and finding aids.

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Historical Background[edit | edit source]

Ėrivan Gubernia [province] was one of the gubernias in the Caucasus Viceroyalty, centered in modern-day Yerevan. In 1828, the area was annexed as part of the Armenian Oblast. It was later established as a gubernia in 1850, and abolished in 1917. This gubernia roughly covers most of what is currently modern central Armenia, the Nakhichevan Exclave of Azerbaijan, and the Iğdır Province in Turkey.

Getting Started[edit | edit source]

Historical Geography[edit | edit source]

Administrative map of Erivan Governorate - 1913.jpg

Districts[edit | edit source]

District - English District - Russian
Aleksandrapol′ Александрополь
Ėrivan Эривань
Ėchmiadzin Эчмиадзинский
Nakhichevan Нахичевань
Novobayazet Новобаязетский
Surmali Сурмалинский
Sharur-Daralagyoz Шарур-Даралагезский

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