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Østfold is a county in Norway, bordering Akershus County in Norway as well as the counties of  Älvsborg, Värmland and Göteborg och Bohus in Sweden. There was a name change in the early 1900 from Smaalenene to Østfold. Østfold is located east of the Oslo fjord and prior to the time of Harald Hårfagre ca. year 900 it was under Swedish rule.  Later, when Norway was under Danish rule it was divided into many small counties.  The old name for Oslofjorden was Fold and the meaning of Øst is East which translate to the name Østfold.  This name has roots back to 1543.


As of 2009 Østfold County has six cities:

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Cities, Parishes, Clerical Districts in Østfold County

RømskogRødenesBåstadTrøgstadHærlandTrømborgEidsbergAskimHovinTomterHobølSpydebergSpydebergHeliMossVålerSvinndalSkiptvetOsRyggeRådeTuneVarteigRakkestadDegernesØymarkAremarkEnningdalIddHalden (Fredrikshald)ÅsakRokkeBergSkjebergUllerøy (Ullerø)IngedalRolvsøyGlemmenFredrikstadBorgeTorsnesKråkerøyOnsøyHvalerOstfold Parishes 2x2.jpg
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Church Records

Photos of churches in Østfold

Farm Books

Family History

Norwegian American Bygdelagenes Fellesraad. Østfoldlag

The book is now available as a downloadable PDF file on the internet Østfoldslekt.

Government Offices and Sites

History and Tidbits

Land Records

Military Records

Passenger Lists

Emigranter fra Kristiania 1871-1930 new version

Emigranter fra Oslo old version 1867-1930

Emigranter over Fredrikstad 1883-1890

Probate Records

Digitised probate records for Østfold county

Probate Jurisdictions


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