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The Family History Center in Örebro (normally abbreviated FHC = Family History Center) is a resource that is available to all persons residing in the county of Örebro or coming from other places and wish to visit our center.

Center Contacts and Hours

Location & map:

  1. Hjortronstigen 2A, Örebro, Sweden
  2. We are located in the chapel of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Örebro, Sweden. The chapel is located west of the road between the districts Mellringe and Vivalla in Örebro.
  3. Map at Hitta.se

Phone: Sven Luthman (director), cellular +46 (0)70-160 95 50

E-mail:  SE_Orebro@ldsmail.net

Open hours: By appointment

Other: The congregation has meetings between 11:00 to 14:00 on Sundays.
Welcome, we can help you in the Centre after the end of the meeting block.

Calendar and Events

Upcoming Events

No planned

Class Schedule

Held as desired.

We love coming to your association (in Örebro County) and talks about FamilySearch and all the genealogical resources available free of charge at our location and on the Internet.

Center Resources


Databases & programs

  • FHC Portal  The center has access to "Family History Center Portal" that will give us free access to many premium services that normally require a subscription. It allows you with us can do research on Arkiv Digital, Swedish National Archives RA/SVAR  and many international databases.
  • We also have access to various applications (primarily American). It allows you to try them in our computers.

Hardware & Equipment

The center has the equipment necessary to assist you in your research. This means we have access to:

  • Several computers with LCD screens.
  • Laser printer (black and white).
  • Microfilm reader.
  • Microfiche reader.
  • ETC.

Resources in our area

Örebro Stadsarkiv (City Archive)

Information about Orebro (county) past and present. Also has resources for genealogy, local history research, etc. Link

Örebro Släktforskare

The local genealogical association in Orebro, with over 500 members. Have their own location with a lot of resources for genealogists. For opening times and further information. See their website

Örebro Läns Hembygdsförbund

There are nearly 70 or so local history societies in the county, several of its discretion in or around the city of Örebro. Do you have your roots in an area within the county, a contact with the community center to give you valuable information about your research. Read more about local history associations on their website


Will be updated with some local and regional links that may be of use when you are researching or visit Örebro area.

Volunteering in the center

We welcome people who are willing to voluntarily help out in our center and the visitors coming. Contact us in accordance with the information contained above.
Another way you can help is to index the Swedish church records. More about this project can be found here