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The Wiki Wizard Series explains and demonstrates features of the Wiki for those who learn better by this method.

Basics of the Wiki

  • Part 1: Genealogy by Locality: The Research Wiki is an encyclopedia of family history how-to articles. Articles are generally arranged by locality. This video will introduce the Wiki, its purpose, and content. You will learn how to navigate the Wiki by search fields or maps. You will learn how to use the features of a country or state main page.

  • Part 2: Learning About Records: The Wiki teaches about the records available for research at each locality. Finding articles about records using sidebar links is taught. You will learn the information typically found in a records article. The best records to use by region are encouraged.

  • Part 3: Strategies: Three Wiki helps for planning your research strategy are taught: Record Finders, Step-by-Step State Research case studies, and Facebook help communities.

  • Part 4: Online Genealogy Records: Learn about the Online Genealogy Records pages of the Wiki. Learn how to find other online databases and resources, especially family trees, and digitized printed genealogies.

  • Part 5: Research Process Skills: The Wiki also teaches general research process skills such as organizing records and evaluating evidence. The Research Process page is the hub for locating these lessons.

  • Part 6: Genealogy in a Foreign Language: For those who need to research genealogy records in another language, learn how to use genealogical word lists, handwriting lessons, and letter writing guides.

Wiki Wizard in Italy with the FamilySearch Research Wiki

  • Part 1: The Italy Main Page: How to use the Italy Genealogy main page as an index to topic articles, province pages, research tools, resources, and strategies for family history research.

  • Part 2: An Italy Province Page: How to use a FamilySearch Research Wiki page for a specific province in Italy for links to civil registration and church records. Helps for locating and reading reading Italian genealogical records.