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YouTube is a site that has revolutionized the way people use the Internet to share short videos about just about anything. Before 2008, most of the videos were mostly just things people shot and because they knew about the site they put it up there. But since 2008 many more more useful things have been added, and it has become a way to store and share informational and educational videos about almost anything. Presently over 2 billion videos are viewed daily, and every minute the equivalent of 24 hours of new video is uploaded to Youtube.

Genealogy and family history is no exception. There is a growing volume of video content about family history, and how to do things like researching family history, do indexing (part of FamilySearch), and even one or two at present on using this very wiki that you are reading this in. Youtube is at

Genealogy Channels on YouTube:


Family Tree Magazine


Lisa Louise Cooke's Genealogy Gems

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