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Wikitext Tutorial Index

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Wikitext - What is it
HTML - What is it
CSS - What is Cascading Style Sheets
Wikitext - Symbols
Monitors - Second Monitor is handy
Monitors - Splitting your screen
Headers - different sizes
Headers - Wiki code
Headers - Uses
Edit Boxes
Lists - Unordered
Lists - Ordered
Lists - Nesting Lists
Lists - Nesting unordered lists
Lists - Nesting ordered lists
Links - Two Kinds
Links - Internal Links
Links - Linking to Headers
Links - E-mail links
Links - External link with no name
Links - Another example of link with no name
Links - External link with URL as the name
Links - External link shows in HTML coding
Links - Using a space instead of a pipe
Links - Not having enough square brackets
Links - Wrong kind of brackets
Comments - You can never have too many comments
Categories - What is a "Category?"
Categories - How to place a page into a category
Categories - Use an existing category rather than invent a new one
Images - How to place an image
Images - Sizing an image
Images - Positioning images
Images - Borders
Images - Captions
Images - External Links
Images - Internal Links
Images - Tooltip
Images - Text and images
Images - Floating text to the right of the image
Images - Floating text to the left of the image
Text - How text loads on a page
Paragraphs - Brake tags to separate paragraphs
Paragraphs - tags
Fonts - Changing fonts
Inline styling
Fonts - Enlarging fonts
Headers - Enlarging Headers
Text - Overlapping text
Font - color
Text - Bold words
Text - Italicized words
Text - Bold and Italicized together
Multiple attributes
Backgrounds changing
Padding attribute
Padding - limit padding
Div tags
Div tags and how they affect paragraphs
Margins - limit
Borders - limit
Borders - different kinds
Border - radius
Border - shadow
Borders - effect on width of elements
Width and height
Alignment - centering
Alignment - right or left
Alignment - vertical alignment
Tables - opening and closing tags
Tables - rows
Tables - cells
Tables - are many rows of cells
Table - borders
Table - cell borders
Table - width
Table - cell and column width
Table - captions
Table - column headings
Table - cell separation
Table - rows
Table - columns
Table - default position
Tables - text wrapping on left
Tables - text warpping on right
Wrapping - no text wrapping
Table - middle of page
Text - wrapping on right
Text - no wrapping
Text - wrapping left side
Table - sortable
Table - scrolling horizontal
Scrolling - horizontal
Scrolling - vertical
Table - scrolling vertical
Table - columns only
Breadcrumb trails
Breadcrumb trails - how to create
References/Footnotes - Creating references
References/Footnotes - location on page
SEOs - what are they
Templates - what are they?
Templates - how to create
Templates - how to place
Templates - editing
Templates - limiting size
Templates - editing only one
Table - span columns
Table - span rows
Inforbox - how to create
Infobox - Parameters
Infobox - how to create parameters
Parameters - rename
Infoboxes - rename parameters
Infoboxes - place on a page
Infoboxes - editing
If functions
Sidebars - create
Sidebars - adding news and events
Sidebars - saving
Sidebars - placing
Navbox - create
Navbox - saving
Navbox - placing
Positioning - relative
Position relative - main use
Position absolute
Position absolute - placing
Position absolute - placing INSIDE relative positioning
Image maps
Image maps - create
Wikitext - Cheatsheet
Horizontal lines
Control F
Key board shortcuts
Shapes - Circles, Squares, Triangles, etc
Bullets - styles
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