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A wiki is nothing more than a web page that can be modified by anybody who can view it. This page is a wiki: register with Family Search, click on the 'Edit This Page' button at the top of your screen and you can change this page!

Obviously there is a lot more than that to know... one place to start is this Wiki Overview page.

Popular Wikis

A number of wikis exist on just about any subject, as well as general purpose wikis like Wikipedia. Some family history and genealogy wikis exist such as this one, WeRelate, Geneawiki (on, Biographical Wiki, and several others.

Wiki Software


  • MediaWiki is the same software that both Wikipedia and this wiki, the FamilySearch Research Wiki, uses. It is probably the most popular software used to create and manage wikis with. The core software to start a wiki is free to download, and a wiki can be up and running in a short time using this software.


  • While the idea of a Wiki is to allow others to edit the content, sometimes it is desirable to restrict the ability to change content to a designated group of people. That can be difficult in some Wiki software but it is one of the strengths of WikkaWiki. A page can be viewable to anybody or it can be restricted to registered users. In addition, the ability to modify a given page can be restricted.



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