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As of January, 2016, a project reorganizing and refining Wiki categories was completed. Categories were approved by the Governance Council as follows:



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Articles by location (top level)


Countries in Central America
Countries in North America
Countries in South America
Countries in the Caribbean


Countries in Asia
Countries in Central Asia
Countries in Eastern Asia
Countries in South-eastern Asia
Countries in Southern Asia
Countries in the Middle East


Countries in Europe
Countries in Central Europe
Countries in Eastern Europe
Countries in Mediterranean Europe
Countries in Scandinavia
Countries in the British Isles


Countries in Oceania
Countries in Australia and New Zealand
Countries in Melanesia
Countries in Micronesia
Countries in Polynesia

Former Countries

Articles By Topic

Research Sources

a. Birth, Marriage, Divorce, and Death

i. Bible Records
ii. Cemeteries
iii. Church Records
1. Church Records by Country
2. Church Records by Denomination
iv. Civil Registration
1. How to Articles
v. Obituaries
1. England Obituaries
2. United States Obituaries
viii. Town Records
vii.Vital Records
1. Women (focuses on finding maiden name)
2. How to Articles

b. Business and medical records

i. Business Records and Occupations
1. Business Records
2. Industries
3. Occupations
4. Agriculture
ii. Hospital Records

c. Religions

i. Bible Records
ii. Church Directories
iii. Church History

iv. Church Records
1. Church Records by Denomination
2. Church Records by Country
v. Religions by Country

d. Population

i. Census
ii. Taxation
iii.Voting Registers
iv. Directories

e. Court Records

i. Adoption
ii.Court Records by Country
iii. Guardianship
iv. Land and Property Records
v. Probate Records

f. Ethnic, Political, or Religious Groups

i. African American Records
ii. Slavery and Bondage
iii. Minorities
iv.Indians of North America
v. Jewish Records

g. Genealogy Collections

i. Compiled Genealogies
ii. Family Trees
iii.Fraudulent Genealogy
iv. Heraldry

h. Genealogy Websites and Online Collections

i. FamilySearch Historical Records
ii. Genealogy Websites by Country
iii.Major Genealogy Websites
iv. NARA Online Records
v. Online Genealogy Records
vi.Digitized Book Collections
vii.Social Media
1. Message Boards and Forums
2. Blogs

i. History and Geography


ii. Church History
iii. Disasters
v. Local Histories
vi. Maps and Gazetteers
vii. Migration Routes
viii.Personal Histories, Memories, and Stories
1. Personal History

j. Institution and School Records

i. Asylums
ii. Correctional Institutions
iii. Orphans and Orphanages
iv.School Records
v. Poor 

k. Language and Handwriting

i. Handwriting
ii. Language and Languages
iii.Word List
iv. Letter Writing Guides
v. Encyclopedias and Dictionaries

l. Migration

i. Emigration and Immigration
ii. Naturalization and Citizenship
iii. Migration Routes

m. Military records

i. Military Records by Country
ii. Military Records by War
1. Wars Involving Canada
2. Wars Involving England
3. Wars Involving France
4. Wars Involving Germany

5. Wars Involving the United States

o. Newspapers and Periodicals

i. Newspapers
ii. Obituaries

p. Reference Materials and Finding Aids

i. Encyclopedias and Dictionaries
ii. Maps and Gazetteers
iii.Names Personal
iv. Record Selection Tables (will be later changed to Record Finder)
v. Research Guides

vii. Finding Aids

q. Repositories

i. Archives and Libraries
1. University Libraries
2. Family History Library
3. WorldCat Libraries
ii. Family History Centers
iii. Museums
iv. National Archives and Records Administration
1. NARA Online Records

r. Societies

i. Family Organizations
ii. Genealogical and Historical Societies
1. Genealogical and Historical Societies By Country
2. United States Societies
iii. Surname Societies
iv. Historical Membership Societies

Research Process and Instruction

a. Beginners

b. New to Genealogy

c. Youth

d. Education Opportunities

e. Basic Research Process

i. Gathering Family Information
ii. Organizing Records
iii.Setting Research Objectives
iv. Selecting Records to Search
v. Obtaining and Searching the Records
1. Search Strategies
2. Letter Writing Guides
vi.Recording Research Results
1. Research Logs
2. Charts and Forms
3. Citations
4. Genealogy Software
vii.Evaluating Evidence
ix. Brick Walls

f. Writing and Publishing

g. Record Preservation

h. Descendancy Research

i. Genetic Research

j. Professional Genealogists

i. Accreditation


Articles by location and location/topic

1. Locality categories for countries and jurisdictions below country.
2. Categories which combine a location and a topic as it pertains to that location.

Subcategory of the United States

United States
1. States of the United States
a. Alabama, United States
i. Alabama Counties
a. Autauga County, Alabama
b. (Rest of counties in Alabama)
ii. Alabama Archives and Libraries
iii. Alabama Church Records
iv. (rest of Alabama topic pages)
b. Alaska, United States
c. Etc.
2. United States Archives and Libraries
a. Alabama Archives and Libraries
b. (Rest of states’ Archives and Libraries)
3. (Rest of United States topics)

Subcategory of England

1. Counties of England
a.Bedfordshire, England
i. Bedfordshire Parishes
ii. Bedfordshire Archives and: Libraries
iii.(rest of Bedfordshire topic pages)
2. England Archives and Libraries
a. Bedfordshire Archives and Libraries
b. Berkshire Archives and Libraries
c. (rest of England's counties’ Archives and Libraries)
3. (Rest of England topic pages)

Subcategory of Canada


1. Provinces of Canada
a. Alberta, Canada
i. Alberta Archives and Libraries
ii. (rest of Alberta topic pages)
b. (Rest of Provinces)
2. Canada Archives and Libraries
a. Alberta Archives and Libraries
b. (rest of provinces’ Archives and Libraries)
3.(rest of Canada topics)

Subcategory of Germany and other countries


1. States of Germany: Depending on country, this could be regions, districts, prefectures, municipalities, etc. Use the jurisdiction equivalent to a county.
a. Anhalt, Germany
i. Anhalt Archives and Libraries
ii. (rest of Anhalt topic pages)
2. Germany Archives and Libraries
a. Anhalt Archives and Libraries
b. (rest of states’ Archives and Libraries)
3. (Rest of Germany topics)


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  • Images of People
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    • Coats of Arms
    • Flags
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  • United States Files
    • Flags of United States
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    • United States Military Record Files
    • United States Military Record Images
    • Wiki screen shots
  • Miscellaneous Images

New Capitalization Rule

Categories: all words in a category should be capitalized except

  • Articles: a, an, the
  • Coordinating Conjunctions: and, but, or, for, nor, etc.
  • Prepositions (fewer than five letters): on, at, to, from, by, etc.