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To correct the grammar and punctuation of the pages containing Swedish content in the FamilySearch Wiki.


Typing errors are a fact of life. No matter how many times an author reads their text, they might be skipping over obvious errors. That's why every author needs an editor. The purpose of this WikiProject is to correct the grammatical and punctuation errors found on the Swedish content pages of the FamilySearch Wiki.

Participation with this WikiProject

Everyone is invited to correct grammatical and punctuation errors. Others in the group may be talented to help clarify a poorly written sentence. If you rewrite a sentence be careful that it does not change the research context or value.

As a reminder, when you see a word in Swedish there is a reason the author left it in Swedish. If you think the word should be replaced with a English translation, write a message on the "Talk Page" of the content page for others to respond to. Words in Swedish should be spelled using the correct Swedish letters of Å, Ä, and Ö. If you want to learn how to write these letters on your computer see Type the Letters Å, Ä, and Ö


1. Sign in on the FamilySearch Wiki

2. Go to the page that you found the grammatical or punctuation error on.

3. Click on "Edit This Page" box out to the side of the page title.

4. Find the grammatical or punctuation error on the page and fix it.

5. Scroll down and click on "Save Page"


  • Once you click on "Edit" a timer begins a countdown of about 20 minutes. If the countdown times out before you click "Save Page" you will loose your work. To avoid loosing your work:

- Click "Save Page" occasionally

- Copy your work to the clipboard before saving

- Work offline in a program like Word and then paste it into the parish page.

Participating Swedish User Group Members

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