Why the Wiki Benefits Your Society

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Society Benefits and Contributions

The FamilySearch Wiki is a free, collaborative and essential tool to share genealogical knowledge throughout a worldwide community. It provides current and contemporary direction to the very best of key records, resources and methodology.

The FamilySearch Wiki is an essential resource for your society
What can the FamilySearch Wiki do for you and your organization?

  • Showcase your organization to a worldwide audience
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Introduce your facebook page
  • Build membership
  • Encourage revenue
  • Highlight projects
  • Publicize events
  • Develop collaboration
  • Provide world class content for meetings, seminars and conferences
  • Enrich newsletters, journals and other publications
  • Provide virtual research consultants
  • Deliver the FHL collection to your doorstep
  • Offer media presentations
  • Provide getting started tools for new contributors
  • Offer support for ongoing contributors

Your society is the lifeblood of the FamilySearch Wiki.
What can you and your organization do for the FamilySearch wiki?

  • Create a feature page for your organization
  • Build a user audience
  • Invite contributors
  • Spread the Wiki word – publicize through meetings, newsletters and publications
  • Share your expertise – research, locality, records, collections, and resources
  • Contribute new as well as time tested genealogical knowledge
  • Share your voice with the community

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