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Below is a sortable list of historical Whitman County, Washington Newspapers, compiled November, 2013. It provides: 1) links to online copies before 1950's; and libraries where hard copies can be found

The newspapers are listed by the area they served, so some may have been published in other counties or even out of state.

Sortable Table

Key: Chronicling America (CA)  · Washington Secretary of State (SOS)  · University of Washington Digital Collections (UWA)

Note: Chronicling America lists newspapers by areas served rather than where published. As a result, many are not in this county and some may be out of state.

Town Title of Newspaper Years
Libraries with copies Online Remarks
Pullman The Pullman tribune [microform] 1891-1919 CA
Colton The Colton news-letter [microform] 1891-1942 CA
Rockford The Standard-register [microform] 1949-???? CA
Tekoa The Tekoa globe [microform] 1889-1897 CA
Colfax Palouse gazette [microform] 1877-1893 CA
Pullman Daily news 198?-current CA
Colfax The North-west tribune 1880-1891 CA
LaCross LaCross herald 1907-191? CA
Oakesdale The Oakesdale tribune 1889-194? CA
Elberton The wheat belt 1892-189? CA
Colfax Whitman County gazette 1989-current CA
Moscow The Daily Idahonian 1939-1974 CA
LaCrosse La Crosse clipper 1905-1965 CA
Pullman The Pullman tribune 1891-1919 CA
St. John The St. John journal 1916-1942 CA
Moscow Moscow Pullman daily news 19??-current CA
Palouse Whitman-Latah republic 1985-1988 CA
Troy Latah observer 1960-1985 CA
Moscow Latah-Whitman republic 1988-current CA
Moscow The Daily news-review & daily star-mirror 1939-1939 CA
Uniontown The Uniontown gazette 1894-1901 CA
Uniontown The Washington journal 1887-1896 CA
Farmington The Farmington independent 1908-1920 CA
Pullman Pullman news-review 19??-1966 CA
Colton Colton eagle 1887-1890 CA
Farmington Farmington forum 1892-1895 CA
Farmington Farmington register 1888-18?? CA
Farmington The Farmington post 1929-1943 CA
Uniontown Uniontown journal 1920-1969 CA
Spokane Whitman County farmer 1922-1947 CA
Uniontown The Uniontown press 1902-191? CA
Tekoa The Tekoa blade 1903-1942 CA
Colton The New Colton news-letter 1981-1983 CA
Clarkston Uniontown news letter 1978-1981 CA
Clarkston Uniontown journal 1981-19?? CA
Colfax Palouse gazette 1877-1893 CA
Colfax The Weekly vidette 1883-1884 CA
Colfax Colfax gazette 1958-1989 CA
Colfax The Gazette-commoner 1932-1958 CA
Colfax The Colfax commoner 1911-1932 CA
Colfax The weekly commoner 1892-1911 CA
Colfax The commoner 1885-1892 CA
Colfax People's advocate 1892-1898 CA
Colfax The Washington democrat 1881-1882 CA
Colton Colton news-letter 1981-1981 CA
Colton The Colton news-letter 1891-1947 CA
Endicott Endicott index 1904-1947 CA
Farmington The Farmington news 1925-19?? CA
Farmington Farmington times 1921-1923 CA
Johnson The Johnson optic 189?-1??? CA
Malden The Malden register 19??-19?? CA
Oakesdale The Oakedales weekly sun 18??-1??? CA
Oakesdale The Oakesdale breeze 1888-1889 CA
Oakesdale The Oakesdale sun 1889-1900 CA
Oakesdale Oakesdale news 1900-19?? CA
Oakesdale Oakesdale tidings 19??-19?? CA
Oakesdale The Oakesdale tribune 1946-1946 CA
Garfield Whitman County enterprise 1946-1949 CA
Oakesdale The observer 1891-1??? CA
Palouse City The boomerang 1882-1889 CA
Palouse City Palouse news 1884-188? CA
Palouse City The Palouse City news 188?-1892 CA
Palouse The Palouse news 1892-1897 CA
Rosalia The Rosalia rustler 1888-1894 CA
Rosalia The citizen-journal 1909-1977 CA
Rockford Standard-register 1949-current CA
Palouse The advocate 1978-19?? CA
Rosalia The Rosalia citizen 1889-1909 CA
Sprague St. John advocate 1942-1977 CA
Tekoa The Tekoa globe 1889-1897 CA
Tekoa The Tekoa topic 1895-19?? CA
Tekoa The Tekoa sentinel 19??-19?? CA
Palouse Whitman-Latah record 18??-1985 CA
Garfield The Garfield enterprise 1887-1946 CA
Garfield Garfield enterprise 1949-19?? CA
Palouse Palouse republic 1897-1976 CA
Palouse The Palouse republican 1892-1897 CA
Colfax The Colfax gazette 1893-1932 CA
Pullman Pullman herald 1888-1989 CA

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