Westview Park Memorial Cemetery, Catonsville, Baltimore County, Maryland

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615 Winters Lane

Catonsville, MD 21228

39.2888 -76.7426
From I-695 take exit 15 West (US 40) toward Ellicott City for about 500 ft. Turn right on Winters Lane for about 1000 ft (beyond Johnson St.).  Cemetery is on the right.


First Name Middle Surname Title Birth Death Comments
Johnny L. Branch 15-Oct-09 29-Dec-75
Thomas L. Carter 1919 1980 US Army WWII
Boyd R. Clipp 1916 29-May-09 Cpl US Army
Robert Elwood Lee 19-Dec-42 30-Apr-77 US Army WWII
Bernard T. McDuffie 1944 18-Mar-75 Sg USAF
Virlo Mills Jr. 1949 22-Oct-75 Cpl US Army
Heywood Milstre 1911 1976 Cpl US Army
John E. Moberg 7-Sep-17 4-Jan-81 RM3 us Coast Guard
Charles E. Murray 27-Jun-76
Dwayne Seals 1943 29-May-09
Joseph Siscosky 2-Jun-76 Pvt WWII
William Jethro Thornton 1-May-19 20-May-75 Pvt WWII
Murry Burton Wachs 1-Feb-28 3-Aug-76 Pfc US Army WWII (Jewish)
William Walter White 1907 12-Jun-77 Tec 5 US Army