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After having evaluated the most important genealogical sources (civil registration and church books) other information should be consulted. Local Kataster (land records) give information about property and their owners. Also, before the 18th century Salbücher (keeping track of properties and accounts for property taxes) and Protokolle, in which mortgages (Hypotheken) and Währschaften (i.e., changes made to the property) as well as prenuptial agreements are listed, are accurate accounts of a given population. Other sources to look at are litigations of the lower and higher courts as well as military courts. The Ortsrepositur (repository) of the Kassel government (Bestand 17e) contain information about people back to the 1600s. Population registers from the first part of the 18th century are in the archive under Bestand 40 Rubr. XII (Forstsachen)

Source:   http://www.staatsarchiv-marburg.hessen.de/ (Startseite)