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FamilySearch This article describes the services and resources available at a Family History Center, a branch facility of the Family History Library.

We serve the Family History needs of all who visit. The Center is served by North County Transit District bus route 318. Access off of Oak St through parking area.

Center Contacts and Hours

Location and Map:


  • 1310 Foothill Drive Vista, CA 92084-4048 United States
  • The Center is accessed from the parking lot at the South-East corner. DO NOT use building front doors as no one will know you are there.
  • The parking lot entrance is off Oak St. across from the Foothill Oak Elementary School.
  • Language:English primary; Spanish a little, German on Thursday afternoon.


  • 1-760-945-6053



Open Hours:

  • Tuesday:11:00am-8:00pm
  • Wednesday:11:00am-5:00pm
  • Thursday:11:00am-8:00pm
  • 4th Thursday: class start 7:00pm
  • Friday:11:00am-2:00pm
  • Saturday:9:00am-3:00pm

'Holiday Schedule:

March 27 thru April 2 - School Spring Break and General Conference

Memorial Weekend: 

Fri 2 June and Sat 3 June - CLOSED, carpet cleaning

7 June CLOSED, H.S. Graduation

Independence Day: CLOSED July 1- 4 open on 5th

22 July CLOSED, Foothill Building Activity

Summer Break: August 1 thru 21 – CLOSED (open by appointment) open on 22nd

Labor Day: 2 Sept - CLOSED

30 Sept - CLOSED, General Conference:

7 Oct - CLOSED, Stake Activity

Fri 10 and Sat 11 Nov - CLOSED, carpet cleaning

Thanksgiving Week: 20 thru 27 Nov CLOSED

Christmas and New Year: 18 Dec thru Jan 8 2018 - CLOSED (open by appointment)'

Calendar and Events

Upcoming Events

Please be aware all of our presentations are free of charge to participants

- Come visit for any or all of the time. Bring a friend. A variety  of classes  will be held: Story Trek, writing life stories and journaling; Getting Started, just the basics; DNA, what it can and cannot tell you; and one-on-one individual help.

Class Schedule

Advancing your research skills . . .

Classes are on the 4th Thursday at 7:00 p.m.

25 Jan -  DNA what it can and cannot tell you

You can learn a lot about your ancestry from a DNA test! With the cost of DNA tests dropping, DNA tests are within almost anyone’s reach.  Learn what the different tests are, who offers what tests, what each DNA test tells you about your ancestors, how DNA tests can help you solve genealogical puzzles and what questions DNA tests can’t answer.

22 Feb - In search of Your African Roots? -- Strategies,Tips and DNA - - African-American History Month – come learn to use different records in discovering your own family history. And, discover how the history from the Colonial period until the Civil War may have affected your ancestors. One of the major records used in this area is the "Freedman Bureau" which was essentially a bank. Upwards of 33% of these records are for Share Croppers who were not former slaves. Sometime we are surprised by what records contain. Join us for this class if you have any ancestry from the area of the Confederacy Or Maryland.

22 Mar - Family Search 101 -- Find ancestors and their stories. Bring your laptop and we'll help you get started.

26 Apr - Family Search 102 -- Learn to navigate Family Search, use shortcuts and additional helps to finding your ancestors. Also, an introduction to the Companion Sites on the FamilySearch Portal.

24 May - Emigrant, Immigrant or Migrant -- When did your emigrant ancestor(s) become your immigrant ancestor(s) or did they arrive when they were migrants from a mother land to a colony? Where were the normal ports of departure? Where were the ports of entry? How did they cross the ocean? Did they come by wooden ship with sails or iron ship with engines?

28 Jun - Ask Why: Getting More From Your Research  (with KC Reid) - Genealogy is a science of research into the unknown. Make the journey easier and your search more thorough by adding this often-neglected approach to your research repertoire. Overcome brick walls by changing your approach - as you search for the who, what, when and where, don’t forget to ask why! Through examples and discussion, learn how and when to apply this discovery pathway. This will help you identify key events or documents that may be available for your ancestors, and guide you in going deeper into the times they lived in and the personal networks they developed. 

26 Jul - Phinding (sic) Photos - use and add memories to FamilySearch FamilyTree

23 Aug -

27 Sep -

25 Oct -

Staff Training Meetings
            First Tuesday of the month 9:30 am

Center Resources


Book Room:  with a large selection of collected works and "how to" resources.

Databases and Software

  • FHC Portal This center has access to the Family History Center Portal page which gives free access in the center to premium family history software and websites that generally charge for subscriptions. 

Hardware and Equipment

  • Microfilm and microfiche readers, Microfilm / microfiche printers, A number of internet linked computers, Flatbed scanner for documents and photos

Center Services

Staff Research Specialties

Resources in the Local Area

The Carlsbad "Cole Library" with the North County Genealogical Society is another useful resource in this area. 


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Volunteer at the Center

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