Virginia Civil War Confederate Reserve Units

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The information in this list of Virginia Military Units comes from the Civil War Soldiers and Sailors website (CWSS). This website can also be searched by the name of a soldier.

Units 1st through 3rd

  • 1st Battalion, Virginia Reserves (Confederate)
    1st Battalion Reserves was organized during May, 1864, with nine companies.
    During the Appomattox Campaign many of its members were captured at Sayler's Creek.
    Lieutenant Colonel Richard T. W. Duke and Major James M. Strange were in command.
  • 2nd Battalion, Virginia Reserves (Confederate)
    Organized in July, 1864,During December the unit was transferred to General P.T. Moore's command. Most of its members were captured at Sayler's Creek on April 6. Lieutenant Colonel John H. Guy and Major Edward B. Cook were in command.
  • 3rd Battalion, Virginia Reserves (Archer's) (Confederate)
    Organized at Petersburg, Virginia, in June, 1864. It served in the Petersburg area, then in January, 1865.
    On April 9, the battalion surrendered. Lieutenant Colonels F.H. Archer and W.H. Hood, and Majors Thomas H. Bond and William H. Jarvis were in command.

Units 4th through 18th

  • 7th Battalion, Virginia Reserves (Confederate)
    Was organized at Norfolk, Virginia, during the summer of 1861 with eight companies.
    The unit was transferred to the infantry and merged into the 61st Regiment in October, 1862. Lieutenant Colonel Samuel M. Wilson was in command.

Units A through K

Units R through W