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The General Archive of the Nation - Archivo General de la Nación

The General Archive of the Nation or el Archivo General de la Nación (AGN) is a Venezuelan public institution under the Ministry of Culture. It has as principal objective the conservation, preservation and diffusion of the documental patrimony of Venezuela of a historical and administrative nature, as well as the coordination of archival activities in the country. This public entity was created in 1836. The oldest document is the Libro de Acuerdos de los Oficiales de la Real Hacienda de la Provincia de Venezuela, which is dated 1535. One of the most recent acquisitions is the Colombeia, an extensive compendium of the writings of Francisco de Miranda and the policy documents and correspondence of Simón Bolívar. It is located in the Foro Libertador, parish of Altagracia, in Caracas.

Avda. Urdaneta 15, entre Santa y Capilla y Carmelitas. Caracas 1010.


Telf: 5082742441311/ Fax: 58028616064


Biblioteca Nacional

Final Av. Panteón Foro Libertador, Edificio Sede
Parroquia Altagracia,
Caracas 1010 – Venezuela
Teléfono: +58-212-505.91.25
Fax: +58-212-505.91.24

Principal Registry of Caracas - Registro Principal de Caracas

The Principal Registry of Caracas or Registro Principal de Caracas is perhaps the richest of the national archives. It is here that they keep the writings and public documents made under the hand of the Notaries.

Avenida Urdaneta, entre Esquinas Pelota y Punceres frente al CICPC Edificio 30 | Caracas, Distrito Capital, Venezuela

Phone(s) 0212 - 5645604

National Academy of History - Academia Nacional de la Historia

The National Academy of History or the Academia Nacional de la Historia of Venezuela is an ancient cultural institution, the primary objective is the study of the history of Venezuela and they are dedicated to the gathering of documents.

Palacio de las Academias

Av. Universidad, Bolsa a San Francisco, Caracas, Venezuela.


Secretaría: +58 (212) 482.67.20 / 483.94.35 / 481.34.13

Fax: +58 (212) 482.67.20 / 483.94.35

Archivo: +58 (212) 482.38.49 / 483.11.18

Biblioteca: +58 (212) 482.38.49 ext. 221

Hemeroteca: +58 (212) 482.38.49 ext. 219 - 220

Investigaciones: +58 (212) 481.17.84

Publicaciones: +58 (212) 482.27.06

Zulia Public Library - Biblioteca Pública del Zulia

The Zulia Public Library or the Biblioteca Pública del Zulia is located in Maracaibo. You can find out more information at this address.

Biblioteca Pública del Zulia - Av. 2 (El Milagro) Maracaibo, Venezuela

Teléfonos: 58-0261-7937333 y 58-0261-7924858