Variations of Biblical Names in Old Documents

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This page includes a list of Biblical names used in old documents, with their many variant spellings and diminutives. 

Genealogical Problem:

Names in old documents did not have standardized spellings. Especially when the name is no longer in use, the genealogist may have difficulty recognizing the origin of the name, or finding a relative using a variant spelling of the name.


Users can search the page using ([Ctrl F]) to see if the name they need is listed on this page. They can also look up a known Biblical name to view its variations and nicknames.


The page can be expanded as more variants and diminutives are identified.All additions should be actual and attested. The following listing is based on original research.

The Names

Abednego: (m)

     Variants: Abednager, Abednago, Abedneygo, Ebednego, Nabednago, Obdenago, Obednego

     Diminutives: Ab, Bedney

Abiathar: (m)

     Variants: Abiatha, Abiathe, Abiather, Abiathor

     Diminutive: Ab

Abidan: (m)

     Variants: Abiden, Abidon

     Diminutive: Don

Abiel: (m)

     Variants: Abihal, Aviel

Abiezer: (m)

     Variants: Abiezar, Abiezor

Abigail: (f)

     Variants: Abagail, Abagaile, Abagil, Abbegill, Abbigail, Abbigill, Abeigail, Abergale, Abgeal, Abigaell,    Abigaiel, Abigaill, Abigal, Abigale, Abigall, Abigayil, Abigel, Abigell, Abiggill, Abigiel, Abigil, Abigill, Abigol, Abrigail, Abygale

     Diminutives: Ab, Abbe, Abber, Abbey, Abbi, Abbie, Abbs, Abby, Abbye, Abs, Appy, Gabby, Gail, Gaily, Nab, Nabbe, Nabbee, Nabbey, Nabbie, Nabby, Nabe, Nabee, Naby

Abihail: (f)

     Variants: Abihael, Abihal

Abimael: (m)

     Variants: Abimel, Bimael, Bimmil

Abimelech: (m)

     Variants: Abemelech, Abenelech, Abimalech, Abimeleck, Abimelick

Abinadab: (m)

     Variant: Omenadab

Abishag: (f)

     Variants: Abisha, Abishay, Abishia, Abisia

Abishai: (m)

     Variants: Abeshai, Abisha, Abishal

Abner: (m)

     Variant: Ebner

Absalom, Abishalom:

     Variants: (m) Absalm, Absolem, Absolum, Apsel


     Variants: (f) Absala, Absalah, Absalla, Absaly, Absela, Abselah, Abselia, Absella, Absellah, Abselle, Absilla, Absillah, Absley, Absola, Absula, Apcilla, Apesela, Apsala, Apsalla, Apsally, Apsaly, Apsie, Apsilla, Apsley, Apsyller, Asilla

     Diminutives: (f) Appie, Appy

Achsah: (f)

     Variants: Axey, Axie, Axy

Adam: (m)

     Variants: Adda, Adom, Edom

     Diminutives: Addie

Adlai: (m)

     Variants: Adalai, Adlay, Adle, Adlea, Adlee, Adlei, Adley, Adlia Adlie, Adlis, Adliss, Adly, Odelai

Adoniram: (m)

     Variants: Adonaram, Adoneram, Adonirem, Adonirom, Adonirum, Adonoram, Odoniram

     Diminutive: Don

Adriel: (m)

     Variants: (m) Adrele, Adrell, Adrial, Adriell, Adril

     Variants: (f) Adral, Adralene, Adraline, Adrela, Adrella, Adrelle, Adrial, Adriela, Adriella

Alameth: (m)

     Variants: Alamath, Alamet, Alamith, Alamoth, Alamuth, Alaneth, Alemath, Alemet, Alemeth, Alemoth, Alimeth, Alimith, Alimoth, Allamath, Allamoth, Allemith, Alomoth, Alomuth, Alumuth

Amasa: (m) A masculine Biblical name sometimes used for females. Some forms may be derived from Amos.

     Variants: Amasah, Amase, Amasie, Amassa, Amassah, Amasse, Amassie, Amaza, Amazah, Ammasa, Ammasah, Ammase, Ammasie, Ammassa, Ammassah, Ammasse, Amesa, Amese, Amosa, Amsie, Amzy, Emasa, Omasa

     Diminutives: (f) Amsi, Massie

     Diminutive: (m) Ammi