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Stockholm County
Uppsala County

Guide to Valö Parish, Sweden ancestry, family history, and genealogy: birth records, marriage records, death records, census records, family history, and military records.

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In 1612 Valö församling broke off from Forsmark parish.

Valö lies in northeast Uppland province (landskap) and now in Uppsala County (län) but before 1971 it was included in Stockholms län. Woodland covers much of the parish but some farming and a little mining have supported the population. Vigelsbo mines operated in the western end of the parish and its raliroad spur from 1925 connected with the much older Dannamora-Harg narrow-guage line. When a small mill in the area closed in the 1920s the railroad was abandond. As of year 2000 the parish population was 622.
Valö Parish, Stockholm, Sweden Genealogy
Stift Uppsala ärkestift, 1989- Uppsala
Pastorat -1628 Valö and Forsmark, 1629-1939 Valö, 1939-1961 Valö and Forsmark, 1962-1971 Valö, Forsmark and Hökhuvud, 1972- Östhammar, Börstil, Harg, Valö and Forsmark
Län 1634-1639 Uppsala, 1640-1647 Stockholm, 1648-1651 Uppsala, 1652-1653 Stockholm, 1654-1714 Uppsala, 1715-1970 Stockholm, 1971- Uppsala
Landskap Uppland
Härad Frösåker
Tingslag -1947 Frösåkers härad, 1948-1970 Norra Roslags domsaga
Domsaga 1680-1862 see Börstil, 1863-1970 Norra Roslag, 1971-1980 Uppsala läns norra, 1980- Tierp
Fögderi 1720-1881 see Almunge, 1882-1966 Norra Roslag. 1967-1970 Norrtälje, 1971- Tierp
Kommun 1863-1951 Valö, 1952-1956 Frösåker, 1957-1970 Östhammars stad, 1971- Östhammar
Militär indelning Norra Roslags Första Båtsmans kompani
NAD Ref Code SE/ULA/11676

Place Names


Bennebo, Bergsjö, Bohl, Bohl ägor, Boharsbo

Dahltorp, Danbo, Djuprudu


Grynmon, Gubbo, Gunnarsbo utjord, Gålalmora, Gålarmora ägor


Jiuoansbo, Jönsbol

Karö, Kelinge, Kelinge ägor, Klintbol, Klockargården, Kämbo

Lund, Lund ägor, Lundssvia, Lundssvia ägor, Lundssvia Finnskog


Norrby, Norrtorp


Pehrsbo, Prästgården, Pålsmora, Pålsmora ägor

Rofsätra, Rofsätra ägor, Rundal, Rönningen, Rörberget,

Skotttorp, Skällerö, Stenbacken, Stensberg, Strandbergens, Stummelbo, Stummelbo ägor, Sunnanäng, Svalsbohl, Sångarbo, Södersvea

Tomta, Tomta ägor

Ulkerö, Udden

Wamsta, Wamsta ägor, Wigelsbo, Wigelsbo ägor

Östensbo, Örtmora, Örtmora ägor

To see what kind of place it is you will need a Swedish Gazetteer.

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Census Records

Church Records

Online Database Church Records

Kyrkoböcker, 1673-1895
author: Svenska kyrkan. Valö socken

Kyrkoböcker, 1863-1929
author: Svenska kyrkan. Valö socken

The parish records contain christening, marriage, and death records, household examination records, and move in move out.  The earliest records, in general, date from 1727 forward.  There is no index.  They are written in a gothic script which can be difficult to read.  Also, they are written in Swedish.  With some practice, the information can be obtained without too much knowledge of the language.

There are also church account records that go back much ealier than 1727.  These records list items such as, the amount paid by someone to get married.  These records contain some information that is useful for discovering families prior to the beginning of formal the parish records.  One difficult is that they are not in specific format, so a knowledge of Swedish is imparative to gain full use of these records.

The FamilySearch has microfilms available, but the best place to view the records is in the AkivDigital website.  (There is a fee to use this site, but it is available for free at most FamilySearch centers).  These are photographed pictures of all the parish records.  

The easiest way to access the Swedish Church Records is through the internet, using these five sites (see links to specific collections below). Four of these sites require a subscription for access. (ArkivDigital,, and are available at a FamilyHistory Center near you free of charge.)

Help Using ArkivDigital: Online Databases for Sweden

These lessons will teach you how to use ArkivDigital:

Family History Library Records

Click Sweden, Uppsala Records for a full listing of microfilmed records (some digitized online) at the Family History Library, that may be digitized. Check back occasionally to see if your records have become available. In the meantime, some of them might be available at a Family History Center near you.
Click on "Places within Sweden, Uppsala and then select your parish.

Court Records

The tax records are easily accessible on SVAR.  A Swedish government website that houses these tax records.  They are not indexed, and are in Swedish.  There is a fee for using this site.  These records predate the parish records.  They list those who paid taxes by location.  There are exceptions as to who had to pay taxes, so some individuals are not listed.

Probate Records
These records are now available on ArkivDigital. They date from the mid 1600's. Here again, there is no index available, but they are easily browsed to find the names of relatives within the texts. A knowledge of Swedish is necissary to extract all the information from the wills.

Military Records

Related Sources

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Help Reading Swedish Records

Help Reading Old Handwriting

Help With Research Objectives and Strategies

Sweden Research Strategies


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