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Name of County Date Formed Boundary
Parent County Counties Created by Boundary Changes
Adair [[Adair ZZZ Details Macon Putnam 1845, Schuyler 1845
Allen, see Atchison Allen, see [[Atchison ZZZ SEE [[ATCHISON Details Platte Purchase renamed Atchison 1845
Andrew [[Andrew ZZZ Details Platte Purchase Nodaway 1845
Arkansas [[ArkansasZZZ Details Missouri Territory now in state of Arkansas
Ashley [[Ashley ZZZ SEE [[ATCHISON Details Platte Purchase renamed Texas 1845
Atchison [[Atchison ZZZ Details renamed from Allen none
Audrain [[Audrain ZZZ Details Pike, Calloway, Ralls none
Barry [[Barry ZZZ SEE [[ATCHISON Details Howard Dade 1841, Jasper 1841, Lawrence 1845, Newton 1838
Barton [[Barton ZZZ Details Jasper none
Bates [[Bates ZZZ Details Cooper Vernon 1851
Benton [[Benton ZZZ SEE [[ATCHISON Details Cooper Camden 1841, Hickory 1845
Bollinger [[Bollinger ZZZ Details Madison, Stoddard, Cape Girardeau, Wayne none
Boone [[Boone ZZZ Details Howard Callaway 1820
Buchanan [[Buchanan ZZZ SEE [[ATCHISON Details Platte Purchase none
Butler [[Butler ZZZ Details Wayne none
Caldwell [[Caldwell ZZZ Details Ray none
Callaway [[Callaway ZZZ Details Howard, Boone, Montgomery Audrain 1836
Camden [[Camden ZZZ Details renamed from Kinderhook Laclede 1849
Cape Girardeau [[Cape Girardeau ZZZ Details Missouri Territory Bollinger 1851, Wayne 1818, Madison 1818
Carroll [[Carroll ZZZ Details Ray Livingston 1837
Carter [[Carter ZZZ Details Ripley, Reynolds, Shannon, Oregon none
Cass [[Cass ZZZ Details renamed from Van Buren none
Cedar [[Cedar ZZZ Details Dade, Saint Clair none
Chariton [[Chariton ZZZ Details Howard Linn 1837, Macon 1837, Randolph 1829
Christian [[Christian ZZZ Details Taney, Greene, Webster none
Clark [[Clark ZZZ Details Lewis Scotland 1841
Clay [[Clay ZZZ Details Ray Clinton 1833
Clinton [[Clinton ZZZ Details Clay, Ray DeKalb 1845, Gentry 1841
Cole [[Cole ZZZ Details Cooper Miller 1837, Moniteau 1845
Cooper [[Cooper ZZZ Details Howard Bates 1841, Benton 1833, Cole 1820, Morgan 1833, Pettis 1833, Saline 1820
Crawford [[Crawford ZZZ Details Gasconade Dent 1851, Greene 1833, Phelps 1857, Pulaski 1818
Dade [[Dade ZZZ Details Polk, Barry Cedar 1845, Lafayette 1820, Lillard 1820
Dallas [[Dallas ZZZ Details renamed from Niangua none
Daviess [[Daviess ZZZ Details Ray Harrison 1845
Decatur see Ozark Decatur see [[Ozark ZZZ SEE [[OZARK Details renamed from Ozark renamed back to Ozark 1845
DeKalb [[DeKalb ZZZ Details Clinton none
Dent [[Dent ZZZ Details Shannon, Crawford none
Douglas [[Douglas ZZZ Details Ozark none
Dunklin [[Dunklin ZZZ Details Stoddard none
Franklin [[Franklin ZZZ Details Saint Louis Gasconade 1820
Gasconade [[Gasconade ZZZ Details Franklin Crawford 1829, Osage 1841
Gentry [[Gentry ZZZ Details Clinton Worth 1861
Greene [[Greene ZZZ Details Wayne, Crawford Christian 1859, Polk 1837, Taney 1837, Webster 1855
Grundy [[Grundy ZZZ Details Livingston, Ray Mercer 1845
Harrison [[Harrison ZZZ Details Daviess, Ray none
Hempstead [[HempsteadZZZ Details Arkansas County (Territory of Missouri) now in State of Arkansas
Henry [[Henry ZZZ Details renamed from Rives Saint Clair 1841
Hickory [[Hickory ZZZ Details Benton, Polk none
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Missouri Territory absorbed by Texas 1845
Holt [[Holt ZZZ Details renamed from old Nodaway Atchison 1845
Howard [[Howard ZZZ Details St. Louis, St. Charles Barry 1836, Boone 1820, Calloway 1820, Chariton 1820, Cooper 1818, Ray 1820
Howell [[Howell ZZZ Details Oregon none
Iron [[Iron ZZZ Details Madison, St. Francois, Wayne, Washington, Reynolds none
Jackson [[Jackson ZZZ Details Lafayette Cass 1835
Jasper [[Jasper ZZZ Details Barry Barton 1855
Jefferson [[Jefferson ZZZ Details Ste. Genevieve, St. Louis St. Francois 1821
Johnson [[Johnson ZZZ Details Lafayette none
Kinderhook See Camden Kinderhook See [[CamdenZZZ SEE [[CAMDEN Details Pulaski, Morgan, Benton renamed Camden 1843
Knox [[Knox ZZZ Details Scotland none
Laclede [[Laclede ZZZ Details Pulaski, Wright, Camden Polk 1837
Lafayette [[Lafayette ZZZ Details renamed from Lillard Henry 1834, Jackson 1826, Johnson 1834
Lawrence [[Lawrence ZZZ Details Barry Wayne 1818
Lewis [[Lewis ZZZ Details Marion Clark 1836, Scotland 1841
Lillard [[Lillard ZZZ Details Dade renamed Lafayette 1825
Lincoln [[Lincoln ZZZ Details Saint Charles none
Linn [[Linn ZZZ Details Chariton Putnam 1845, Sullivan 1843
Livingston [[Livingston ZZZ Details Carroll Grundy 1841, Mercer 1845
McDonald [[McDonald ZZZ Details Newton none
Macon [[Macon ZZZ Details Randolph, Chariton none
Madison [[Madison ZZZ Details Ste. Genevieve, Cape Girardeau Bollinger 1851, Iron 1857
Maries [[Maries ZZZ Details Osage, Pulaski none
Marion [[Marion ZZZ Details Ralls Adair 1841, Lewis 1833, Shelby 1835
Mercer [[Mercer ZZZ Details Grudny, Livingston none
Miller [[Miller ZZZ Details Cole, Pulaski none
Mississippi [[Mississippi ZZZ Details Scott none
Moniteau [[Moniteau ZZZ Details Cole, Morgan none
Monroe [[Monroe ZZZ Details Ralls none
Montgomery [[Montgomery ZZZ Details St. Charles Callaway 1820, Warren 1833
Morgan [[Morgan ZZZ Details Cooper Camden 1841, Moniteau 1845
New Madrid [[New Madrid ZZZ MADRID Details Missouri Territory Pemiscot 1851, Scott 1821, Stoddard 1835
Newton [[Newton ZZZ Details barry McDonald 1849
Niangua see Dallas Niangua see [[Dallas ZZZ SEE [[DALLAS Details Polk renamed Dallas 1844
Nodaway (old)
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Platte Purchase renamed Holt 1845
Nodaway [[NodawayZZZ Details Andrew none
Oregon [[Oregon ZZZ Details Ripley Carter 1859, Howell 1857
Osage [[Osage ZZZ Details Gasconade Maries 1855
Ozark [[Ozark ZZZ Details Taney
renamed from Decatur
renamed Decatur 1843
Ozark since then
Pemiscot [[Pemiscot ZZZ Details New Madrid none
Perry [[Perry ZZZ Details Ste. Genevieve none
Pettis [[Pettis ZZZ Details Saline, Cooper none
Phelps [[Phelps ZZZ Details Crawford none
Pike [[Pike ZZZ Details St. Charles Adurain 1836, Ralls 1820
Platte [[Platte ZZZ Details Platte Purchase Andrew 1841, Buchanan 1839, Holt 1845
Polk [[Polk ZZZ Details Greene, Laclede Dade 1841, Dallas 1841, Hickory 1845, Niangua 1841
Pulaski [[Pulaski ZZZ Details Crawford Camden 1841, Laclede 1849, Maries 1855, Miller 1837, Wright 1841
Putnam [[Putnam ZZZ Details Adair, Sullivan, Linn none
Ralls [[Ralls ZZZ Details Pike Audrain 1836, Marion 1822, Monroe 1831, Randolph 1829
Randolph [[Randolph ZZZ Details Chariton, Ralsl Macon 1837
Ray [[Ray ZZZ Details Howard Caldwell 1836, Carroll 1833, Clay 1822, Clinton 1833, Daviess 1836, Grundy 1841, Harrison 1845
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unknown extinct
Reynolds [[Reynolds ZZZ Details Shannon Carter 1859, Iron 1857
Ripley [[Ripley ZZZ Details Wayne Carter 1859, Oregon 1845, Shannon 1841
Rives [[Rives ZZZ Details Lafayette renamed Henry 1841
Saint Charles [[St. CharlesZZZ Details Missouri Territory Howard 1816, Lincoln 1818, Pike 1818, Montgomery 1818
Saint Clair [[St. ClairZZZ Details Henry Cedar 1845
Saint Francois [[St. FrancoisZZZ Details Ste. Genevieve, Jefferson Iron 1837
Saint Louis [[St. LouisZZZ Details Missouri Territory Franklin 1818, Howard 1816, Jefferson 1818, City of St. Louis 1816
Saint Louis (City)
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St. Louis (county) none
Sainte Genevieve [[Ste. GenevieveZZZ GENEVIEVE Details Missouri Territory Jefferson 1818, Madison 1818, Perry 1820, St. Francois 1821, Washington 1813
Saline [[Saline ZZZ Details Cooper Pettis 1833
Schuyler [[Schuyler ZZZ Details Adair none
Scotland [[Scotland ZZZ Details Clark, Lewis, Shelby Knox 1845
Scott [[Scott ZZZ Details New Madrid Mississippi 1845
Shannon [[Shannon ZZZ Details Ripley Carter 1859, Dent 1851, Reynolds 1845, Texas 1845
Shelby [[Shelby ZZZ Details Marion Scotland 1841
Stoddard [[Stoddard ZZZ Details New Madrid Bollinger 1851, Dunklin 1845
Stone [[Stone ZZZ Details Taney none
Sullivan [[Sullivan ZZZ Details Linn Putnam 1845
Taney [[Taney ZZZ Details Greene Christian 1859, Ozark 1841, Stone 1851
Texas [[Texas ZZZ Details renamed from Ashley none
Van Buren [[Van Buren ZZZ Details Jackson renamed Cass 1849
Vernon [[Vernon ZZZ Details Bates none
Warren [[Warren ZZZ Details Montgomery none
Washington [[Washington ZZZ Details Ste. Genevieve Iron 1857, St. Francois 1821
Wayne [[Wayne ZZZ Details Cape Girardeau, Lawrence Bollinger 1851, Butler 1849, Greene 1833, Iron 1857, Ripley 1833
Webster [[Webster ZZZ Details Greene Crhsitian 1859
Worth [[Worth ZZZ Details Gentry none
Wright [[Wright ZZZ Details Pulaski Laclede 1849, Texas 1845